“Very intriguing….you want to find out what happens.”

November 8, 2012

Young adult, paranormal and historical.

Sliding Beneath the Surface

The St. Augustine Trilogy, Book I

A review placed on Goodreads and Amazon by Elizabeth from Kansas

“This is classified as a YA paranormal book. It is told from the viewpoint of Jeff Golden a 15yo who recently moved to St. Augustine. Jeff is telling the story of what happened a few weeks early to him and his neighbor, Carla, who he has a bit of a crush on.

“I had just started to read this story when my 11yo saw it and wanted to know if she could read it with me. As we started a new chapter we would wonder what the name of that chapter would reveal to us.

“She also thought that seeing the Chinese puzzle ball on the cover and finding out later in the book how it relates was ‘cool’. In the beginning she knew that I was further ahead of her in the story and she wanted me to tell her what happens but, I was not about to spoil it for her.

“I did not read any further so we could read it together but, I was too impatient and I ended up sneaking ahead in the story…I told myself just a few chapters…I have actually ended up finishing the book but, I will not spoil it for her.

“Jeff has been plagued for the past couple of nights by some extreme nightmares that just seemed to real for him. He was determined not to sleep as he did not want to have another one.

“Jeff confided to Carla what was happening and as soon as she heard what was going on, she knew exactly what to do—-turn to her neighbor, Lobo, who happens to be a direct, blunt shaman who does not waste words. Soon it comes to light that these nightmare or paranormal experiences are related to the Seminole war.

“The whole book covers a brief time span of about 2 days and is centered around Jeff, a typical stubborn teenager, Carla, who is the level headed one, and Lobo who is just Lobo.

“Even though this is classified as a book for young adults, I found it intriguing and enjoyable to read as an adult. The author has done a great job with the teens—their mannerism, and things they said reminds me of how my teens act. I could actually imagine pine trees/needles and I could picture in my head as to what everything looked liked, how things were done.

“I am not going to spoil it by telling you what happens but, I am very surprised with myself. I enjoy reading paranormal books but I do not read a lot of history books. When I finished this book, I realized that I really enjoyed reading the history in this—kudos to Doug Dillon as he has taken something that I normally do not do (reading history) and kept me wanting to know more as to what happens.

“There are even some notes from the author at the end of the book that relate to the history in the book….very interesting.

“The only downside is that book two, Stepping Off A Cliff, is not available until the springtime and I am wanting to read it now to find out what other experiences they have. I am sure that once it is out, that will be just as exciting as this one is and. I can not wait to read it.”

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