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When Mr. Khizi Khan eloquently addressed the Democratic Convention in July of 2016, he electrified people not only across the United States but throughout the world as well.

With his wife, Ghazala, standing by his side, and speaking as a Gold Star Parent, he strongly challenged Donald Trump’s knowledge of the Constitution. (See video clip at the end of this article)

Muslim immigrants and U.S. citizens who lost their son, Army Captain Humayan Khan, in the Iraq War, Mr. and Mrs. Khan spoke truth to power, not just in words, but by their very presence. And in so doing, they reminded all Americans how the Constitution is the bedrock upon which our country is built and that it is not the sole possession of political conservatives.

Preamble to the Constitution

Since Mr. Khan’s speech, unfortunately, Donald Trump was elected president and much of the country watched in horror as he immediately tried to exceed his presidential authority by banning Muslims in certain nations from entering the United States.

Sadly, those two events were just the beginning of an avalanche of poisonous words and actions erupting out of Washington, DC that threaten the separation of powers in this country and the very freedoms we have for so long taken for granted.

And in that glaring light of reality, it is crucial for every thinking American to become as familiar with the U.S. Constitution as is Mr. Khan. Too many of us in the United States haven’t had a direct encounter with that document since high school days or even earlier.

Now though, is the time to brush-up on what we think we know. This is especially true for those who wish to fully challenge Donald Trump and Company and more effectively empower elected officials who oppose the insanity that has staked a claim on our country.

To start you on your journey, we have provided links to resources below that should be of help. In this listing, you will find descriptive videos, incredibly helpful interactive websites, ways to get your own copy of the Constitution and much more. Go for it and please pass this information on to others.

Sources for Further Information


An Introduction to the U.S. Constitution (The AudioConstitution – 3 min.)

Mr. Kahn addresses the 2016 Democratic National Convention (CNN 6 min.)

Quick History of the Constitution (History Channel – 4 min.)

Websites and Online Articles:

A PDF copy of the full Constitution for your computer files and printing: (The Constitution Center)

Buy a pocket copy of the Constitution: (ACLU)

Make Your Own Constitution Booklet (

Mr. Khan’s Speech as Reported on NPR

The Online Interactive Constitution: (The Constitution Center)

The Constitution without the Bill of Rights – easy items linked access: (National Archives)

The Bill of Rights – easy items linked access: (National Archives)



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Beyond the Universe

April 27, 2017

A new paranormal book in English by my French author friend, Patrick Delsaut. Check it out!

Beyond the Universe is a provocative look at what awaits humanity, and animals as well, after death. Building on the testimonies of those who have actually visited the “other side”, Delsaut takes readers on a fascinating journey into different dimensions, vibratory planes, parallel worlds and universes where souls of the deceased still exist.

Using a wealth of detail, including over 400 color images, this interesting author wrote the book in order to guide those who wander in darkness in search of truth. And to do this in his writing, he shares not only his extensive research but his personal experiences as well.

Delsaut’s own connections to paranormal realms are numerous and he has shared many of them with me as a guest blogger on my website.

Patrick Delsaut

Now, to give you an even deeper sense of what his book covers, here are his chapter titles:

1.      All Living Things Have a Soul

2.      The “Gates” of the Cosmos

3.      The Physical Plane, from Cosmos to Life

4.      At the Heart of Life

5.      Beyond Death

6.      The Etheric Plane

7.      The Astral Plane

8.      Beyond the Astral Plane

9.      Logoi, Devas, Manus and Avatars

10.   God, the Source of Life and Universes

11.    Messages from the Kingdom

Beyond the Universe is available in the United States through Click here to connect with Lulu. Patrick Delsaut offers the book in multiple versions to fit every budget: the full version in black and white, split into two volumes, one on color and one in black and white, and ebooks in PDF format. Eight different options. For one book, that is amazing.

To visit Patrick on his website and see his other books, click here.




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