Paranormal Experiences: A Pegasus in Orlando

December 18, 2011

This is a guest blog by my dear friend, Betty Howe, pictured here. She writes about a very strange but wondrous experience. I got to know this delightful lady many years ago when we both worked as school administrators here in the Central Florida area. Betty is one of the most intelligent, sober, honest, levelheaded, and no-nonsense people I know. That’s what makes her story all the more alluring. Here it is:

I’ve only shared this story with family members and a few close friends.  Most people would not have believed me anyway and others would have thought I was crazy, drunk or hallucinating.

It happened on a beautiful, spring day in a huge nature preserve east of Orlando. After checking with the park ranger, my traveling companion and I drove as far as we could, parked the car where the road ended, and used a picnic table to grab a quick bite of lunch. There was no one else around—just nature and us.

When we finished our meal, we began our exploration of the surrounding area.  Eventually, though, my friend and I ventured off in different directions. She was soon out of sight and I started following a small stream. All that running water seemed to hold a definite attraction for me so I just gave in to it and enjoyed myself immensely.

Very soon, however, everything changed. I noticed movement of some kind back in the woods on the other side of the stream so I stopped dead in my tracks.  Then out of the trees walked a magnificent white Pegasus making not one bit of sound. Yes, the winged horse of ancient Greek myth.

I can’t explain it to you but I felt no astonishment, fear or even curiosity. No. All I felt was peaceful acceptance of what I was observing. It just . . . seemed natural somehow and I had no need to understand the event unfolding before me.

The Pegasus took no notice of me whatsoever. With its wings folded, the creature simply walked to the water’s edge, lowered its head and drank from the stream. When it had had enough, it shook its head, turned around, and retreated back into the woods as quietly as it had appeared.

I offer you no explanation as to what I saw. I feel no need to do so. The only reason I’m telling this story publicly after all these years is because my friend, Doug Dillon, requested it of me. He seems to feel it might have some value and that’s good enough for me.

After Betty told me this story, I went to the Internet and looked up the creature she had seen. In that search, I discovered that Pegasus is associated with natural phenomena—mainly water.  Click here to see the same article. Betty had no knowledge of this particular aspect of Greek mythology.



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