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Boys’ Life

A while back, I did a series of articles for Boys’ Life,  Each article is short, so when you’re in the archives, have a look around. Check out the wide variety of information available there going back many years. It may take a few seconds for each article to load properly.

Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling

For several years, I was a contract writer for the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG). My primary job was to write their quarterly statewide newsletter and edit articles coming in from experts. For each issue, I interviewed a compulsive gambler and ghost wrote his or her story for that issue’s front page. Some of those people were young adults, and I discovered that many of the adult problem gamblers began their addiction around age twelve.

Up until I started working for the FCCG, I had no real idea that addictive gambling could destroy lives to the same extent as did alcoholism and drug addiction. Working with those people was truly an eye-opening experience.

If you know someone who might have a gambling problem, contact FCCG  no matter where you live. They’re good people and they can definitely be of help. While you’re on the site, look around. Educate yourself about gambling addiction.

Sample of article titles done on the stories of individual compulsive gamblers:

  • “A Profile of Destruction”
  • “Hooked at a Young Age”
  • “Lost Lifetime”
  • “Somebody Please Hear Me”
  • “The Vacant Stare”
  • “A Friend in Need”
  • “Behind Bars”
  • “Mr. Big Shot”
  • “Arrested”
  • “Layer Upon Layer of Addiction”
  • “Dangerous Request”
  • “My Dad the Gambler”

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