A Brief Political and Geographic History of Asia

Where are… Saigon, Kampuchea, and Burma?

a brief political and geographic history or asia

Saigon, Kampuchea, and Burma. These names of places in Asia are like many that once existed but now officially do not. As the times have changed, so have the names, but many of the old label still live on. To forget them would be to forget the people and events that made those places they are today.

Readers of this book will find accounts of one city, three countries, and four empires. Unfortunately, much of the history of these places is extremely bloody. Stories of wars, mass killings, executions, and uprisings fill these pages.

In this book, however, readers will also find tales of individuals and groups of people who stood tall in the middle of all that chaos, destruction, and horror. They may not have always won their battles, but with great courage, they always held out hope for a better future.

First Place Winner for History
2008 Royal Palm Literary Awards
Florida Writers Association

Places in Time Series: a Kid’s Historic Guide to the Changing Names and Places of the World

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Interest Level: Grades 5-10

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