Carl Jung, Hauntings, and Paranormal Coincidences

This is a book of true life events and stories taken from Carl Jung’s life and the lives of others that vividly demonstrate our potential to connect with unseen worlds. Jung’s experiences, because of his fame as a world-renowned psychiatrist, set the stage for the presentation of all paranormal adventures offered here. And his fascinating theory of synchronicity serves to give a depth of meaning to the nature of all strange coincidences, including those woven into the enclosed chapters.

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“This book is a part of all of us. The journey that we are all taking is inherently connected to those stories told in this book, written with so much joy, curiosity, and intelligence . . .”  
—Steven Ballou, Psychotherapist and Adjunct Faculty/Psychology, Southern New Hampshire University

“Wow! As an experienced and seasoned paranormal investigator (24 years), I really loved this book!”  —Jill Borter, Operations Manager and Electronic Voice Phenomena Analyst, Orlando Paranormal Investigations

“Doug Dillon’s work helps one better appreciate the magnificence of all that surrounds and defines our existence.” —Jim Caccavo, former NEWSWEEK Vietnam war correspondent/photographer

“What a journey. What a litany of experiences. If you like “the Paranormal”, you’ll love Carl Jung, Hauntings and Paranormal Coincidences.” —Chuck Dowling, Author of King Arthur – The Hammer of God Trilogy

“I could hardly put this book down. For anyone who has questions about what happens when we pass from the living world, I recommend this book.”  —Mary Jo Fister, Lead Investigator and Case Manager, Offthetrails Paranormal Investigations

“This book illustrates the relationship of spirituality in everyday life with a curiosity about things we may experience and never understand.”  —Kitty Mendoza, Psychotherapist in private practice, Longwood, Florida

“Each vignette is crafted so well that I couldn’t stop reading.”  —Diane Ross, Hypnotist and author of Meditations for Miracles