The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book I

Sliding Beneath the Surface by Doug DillonIn America’s oldest and most haunted city, St. Augustine, Florida, Teenager Jeff Golden is in trouble. Horrible dreams won’t let him sleep, and he is up to his eyeballs in terrifying, paranormal experiences.

Finally, Jeff turns to his girlfriend Carla, and Lobo, the mysterious Native American shaman, for help. But what he discovers is a lot more than he bargained for.

A ghostly presence linked to a local historic cemetery is not only threatening Jeff’s sanity but his life as well. And before he knows what’s happening, Jeff finds both himself and Carla pulled into one of the nastiest and bloody events in Florida history. It is a place from which they may never escape.

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Readers say:

Sara: Jeff is so clearly a teenage boy that if I didn’t know better I would think that Doug Dillon had only recently left his teenage years behind.

Sunmi: It is actually almost as good as meg cabot’s books.AMAZING!!!!!!

Suzanne: I would definitely let my teens read this book. It is clean, has little swearing, yet has a few small graphic scenes that might scare the Bajibers out of ya :)

Alhanoof: I loved that the book is based on a real battle event and real people that come back as ghosts.

Marissa: I can’t wait for the remainder of the trilogy to find out what’s next for Jeff, Carla and Lobo (Love Lobo – He is awesome!)

Elizabeth: The author has done a great job with the teens—their mannerism, and things they said reminds me of how my teens act.

Cari: It is written like you are really inside a chaotic mind of a teenage boy.

Theresa: This is now a favorite of mine and I plan to have my 12 yr old give this book a try.

Michelle: I found the book haunting

Cynthia: If you enjoy the paranormal genre and history this is a great combination! Enjoy!

Isis: The storyline caught my attention early on and kept it for the remainder of the book, increasing in intensity as we drew toward the conclusion.

Ariel: This book keeps you on your toes every step of the way.

Carrie Fort: Loved this book!! Loved the history, the characters, all of it. Took me no time at all to quickly become engrossed I the world the author created!

Dixie: There are characters you will come to care about and a sense of humor and playfulness and morality woven through the book.

Stina: I’m not a fan of the male perspective, yet this novel changed my mind.

Levina: I found this novel an engaging and fast-paced read since the plot only takes place over two days (same amount of time it took me to finish the book).

Jeni: It is an adventure that will not soon be forgotten, and a great start to the St. Augustine trilogy.

Jillian: There are some really exciting moments that lovers of ghost stories will tear through, as well as action scenes that history buffs would appreciate.

Len: It made me feel like I was actually in St. Augustine when I was reading about Jeffrey Golden and following his journey throughout the book.

Lissette: Are you a lover of ya paranormal stories about ghosts, with suspense and a little bit of romance? Definitely you should read this book!!!

Michelle: Amazing read!!! Reading this book not only gave me great entertainment as I was compelled to turn page after page, but I also have a desire to visit this city (st. Augustine) and experience the area myself.

Pam: This is a book was nothing short of extraordinary. Doug pulls you right into the story from the very first chapter and keeps you until the very end.

Diana: I’ve since passed this on to my children, and for me to do that, knowing how particular they are… well, I was confident they would love the story as much as I did. I would totally recommend this for everyone!

Samatha: Sliding Beneath the Surface leaves you with wanting more,

Dragonmomma: Sliding Beneath the Surface is a story I can’t wait to share with my son (12y). I know he will enjoy it as much as I did and learn something in the process.

Jennifer: Doug Dillon’s use of history and common sense made things open up in a new way! Everything has a new twist to it and I cant wait for more!

Cassie: What I loved most is that this book grabs you in and takes you hostage to tell you a story it makes you want more and it is so unique and one of a kind.

Lynn: Doug Dillon has written a compelling tale that will capture the imagination of the reader, and take them on a journey filled with mystery, danger and intrigue.

Jennifer: It had just the right amount of paranormal, historical fact and action to keep you thoroughly engrossed start to finish.

Samanatha: I enjoyed this book from the first time I opened it.

Jennifer: I will be anxiously awaiting the next book in this series.

Indu: This is one of those young adult books that transcend genre and can be read at various levels. It will appeal to all readers who are interested in the genres of paranormal fiction, history, spiritual / philosophic fiction, inspiration, coming of age or simply a well-written story.

Stephanie: Let me start off by saying that this book grasped my attention in a way that caught me off guard.

Dawn: The journey of a lifetime and beyond!

Kathy: I teach Intensive Reading to 11th and 12th graders and am always looking for books that will grab their attention. This book will “hook” them.

Jessica: My students generally dislike reading unless they can relate to the events and characters in the story, and in this first book of a new trilogy, I firmly believe my students will enjoy the adventure that Jeff Golden and his friend Carla take!”

Lisa: Sliding Beneath the Surface is an intriguing story about growing up, dealing with life and the obstacles that are thrown your way. This is a must read for any Middle School student.

Melissa: Dillon had me enthralled from the first chapter. As a native Floridian, I was enrapt in the history and past of St. Augustine. I would highly recommend this to any reader 7th grade and higher.

Sabrina: I started to connect with the characters from the first chapters, wanting to know more about them.

Lisa: The fast-paced nature of the story line will keep readers hooked.”

DuAnne: My middle school students could benefit from the life lessons such as anger management. This is a very engaging book and I believe that all students could benefit from utilizing it as a read aloud or independent read.

Sara: Many of my students are really into paranormal stories right now, and I know that this would be a perfect read for them.

Evangeline: This would make a great accompaniment to the traditional textbook, and would work perfectly in the English or reading classroom.

Caitlin: As a reading teacher, I will be recommending this book to my students who are 12 and up. I think they would really enjoy this book because it is creepy, always exciting, and it includes the paranormal, which they love. They would also learn about history without even realizing it!

Oliviajane: Interesting blend of genres. Nice twist and a good mystery. A refreshing change from the usual run of the mill mystery. Students will definitely enjoy it.

Kathleen: Fascinating new story based in my favorite city

Proud Educator: The characters show what a real friendship is and help each other through dangerous situations. I can definitely recommend this book to a teenager or young adult.

ForeverRead: Very engaging and well written. I would HIGHLY recommend this novel to my students and colleagues.

Bruce: It was a good story on emotions and fear making people do and think in ways that are not logical to others.

TeacherAmy: As an eighth grade teacher for over 15 years, I feel that teenagers from all backgrounds would identify with the main characters and be held captive by the adventures of Jeff and Carla. I am passing the book on to my 76-year old mother, who I think will enjoy the read, as well!

Justin: I am a middle school teacher in Florida who teaches local history. I loved the book. I had a few students read the book and they all loved it. This book is a must own for any history lover, Florida resident, teacher, or parent looking for a way to get their kids to read.

Nancy: Being a middle school reading teacher, I can see my students LOVING this book with its great paranormal twist-fits right in with today’s paranormal fascination.

Patti: Doug Dillon does a great job drawing the reader into the story, and I found it hard to put the book down. Once finished, I passed it on to my 15 year old boy who read it in 2 days. As native Floridians, we both appreciated the book for its historical accuracy, as well as its depiction of diverse cultures. We’re both awaiting the other books in the trilogy and enthusiastically recommend this title.

Steve: Read this book and passed it on to any adolescents that you think might need to see that life holds a great deal more mystery, adventure, joy and healing than can be imagined.

Hopkins, age 13: Dillon keeps you glued to each page until they reach the startling conclusion.

Chuck: I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sliding Beneath the Surface and expect the book will be a best seller.

Diane: The suspense lasts up to the very end and I had a hard time putting it down.

Kristy: Dillon’s writing style is brilliant.

Laura: The characters are great and ready to jump into helping each other. Check this one out if you can.

Kelly: One of the most engrossing parts of the story is the setting, St. Augustine, Florida. The history of the city is expertly woven into the plot, making me learn about a city that I had never given much thought to before.

Thomas: Even though this book was written for young adults I would strongly recommend it to all ages.

Lori: Can’t wait for the next book.

Kitty: It was suspenseful and at times, funny.

Christine: I can say that this is an enlightening book about being able to change our path by changing ourselves.

Mallory: This novel elicits a giant “Wow” from me – author Doug Dillon is one incredible storyteller.

Paul: As I continued on through the book a few chapters, I found that this had become one of my favorites.

Danielle: This is a refreshingly different storyline the author presents.

Kayla: I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next and before I knew it, I was done with the book. Kudos.

Nicole: Who wouldn’t love a book with a history lesson, ghosts, supernatural powers and slipping into different worlds?