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February 17, 2012

Sliding  Beneath the Surface

The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book I

Young Adult, Paranormal/Historical

A review  by

By Kelly Durkin, on her Bibliomantics book blog

This book is heavy on ghosts, Doppelgangers, universes within universes. Jeff is being pursued by a desperate spirit who needs his help. While it seems like this would be the start of some fun ghost helping agency plot, it actually turns out to be dangerous.
As one can imagine, Jeff is a little freaked out by this. I’d probably be running away from all this stuff too. At one point, Jeff realizes how his choices affect his life. It was a nice moment of self-realization and awareness, making the character grow (and in turn become more likable). Even in a crazy world of ghosts and alternate dimensions, the very human act of choosing and being cognizant of this action is important.

One of the most engrossing parts of the story is the setting, St. Augustine, Florida. The history of the city is expertly woven into the plot, making me learn about a city that I had never given much thought to before. No spoilers, but you could say you get some firsthand experiences in the city’s past.

Overall, an interesting beginning to a trilogy. Looking forward to more adventures with Jeff and company. Pretty fast paced, good character interaction. If you really like paranormal Young Adult, try Sliding Beneath the Surface.

See Kelly’s full review on her blog – Bibliomantics

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