Paranormal Experiences: The King and Prince

December 26, 2011

For our anniversary in 2009, my wife Barb and I treated ourselves by spending a few days on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. Beautiful place with  a long history that connects with St. Augustine in our home state of Florida.

In our travels on that island, we visited what’s left of Fort Frederica, a crucial British outpost just before the Revolutionary War. The fort itself is very small but the surrounding area is huge because an entire town once existed there as well. When the British abandoned the fort, the town died. All that you can see of it today are the foundations of houses and businesses.

This photo shows the elegant hallway at the entrance to the solarium.

Our home base for all of our excursions was the gorgeous King and Prince Resort. It’s a very comfortable place right on the ocean and dates back to 1935.

Maybe it was our day of exploring that eerie Fort Frederica ghost town without anyone else around but something happened at the King and Prince to make us wonder.

After dinner that evening, we decided to check out the hotel’s solarium, a sort of sun room area used for events like small banquets.

It was just Barb and me. That whole area of the hotel seemed as abandoned as the town near Fort Frederica. Totally quiet except for our conversation.

We spent some time looking at the furnishings and decor before finally plopping ourselves down in two Wingback chairs.

Shown here is the actual solarium entrance, looking back into the hallway

After a while, we both sell silent, lost in our own thoughts. It’s at that point I had a distinct sensation Barb and I weren’t alone. I kept looking around to make sense out of what I was feeling, but couldn’t. Seconds later, Barb broke the silence and told me she was having similar thoughts.

Realizing we were both on the same track, we decided to just sit silently for a while and tune in to whatever seemed to be happening near or around us. This we did for about five minutes and then shared whatever sensations, thoughts or feelings bubbled up in the quiet.

The result was fascinating. I would say a few words, then Barb, and then me again–back and forth as if we were both describing the exact same scene. When we got done speaking, we just looked at each other in wonder.

What we had jointly described were the sights and sounds of a party going on in the solarium. It was as if people were walking around–people of a bygone era. There was music, laughter, food and drink being served and some people were playing games. Glasses, dishes and utensils clinked. Amazing. It gave us chills.

No we didn’t actually see or hear those things. It was more like we were tuning into a television program but a reality show in which we were somehow distant participants.

Our conclusion? We as human beings are connected to all that is, has been and will be. Sometimes, especially in the stillness and quiet of the moment, we are privileged to perceive some of those connections.That night we were simply thankful to have received such a gift. A further explanation simply wasn’t needed.


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