Paranormal Experiences: The Owl and the Trashcan

January 5, 2012

Ever have things move in your house but nobody touched them? One day my wife Barbara and I were sitting in our family room talking to our son Greg when we heard what sounded like something hit the floor in the nearby foyer and bounce a few times.

We looked at each other as if we expected answers but when none came, Greg got up to check. As he disappeared into the foyer, we heard him say, “Whoa! How could that happen?” He then reappeared with the owl made of painted tree bark that usually sits in a tall artificial tree near the front door.

“That’s what made the noise?” I asked.

“Um hm,” Greg replied. “Somehow it came out of the tree and ended up at the other side of the foyer. Even if it did pop loose from the tree by itself, there’s no way it could bounce all that distance (about 8 feet). It looks like it had to have been thrown.”

That’s when I remembered the crystal owl my dad had given my mom many years before also sat in a display case in our foyer. In fact, my mom had a collection of owls. Sharing my immediate reaction with Barb and Greg that this event might have been caused by my deceased mother, I still wondered if there was any way that the tree bark owl could have reasonably bounced its way across 8 feet of hard flooring because of normal physical forces.

The next day, I decided to test this possibility. To do so, I simply dropped the owl a number of times from its normal perch in the foyer tree and see what happened. It did bounce but less than half the distance it had traveled the day before. Greg was right. No way the owl could have bounced the distance it did the day before without some help.

That got me to thinking because a way I test whether or not an event is paranormal is to see if one or more other recent happenings seemed unusual as well. I’ve found that the linkage between such situations is what helps to verify their paranormal nature.

In this case, a few days before the owl fell,something happened in our garage that startled me. While working in  there, I started to walk past a trashcan when the lid suddenly shut with a forceful noise. I realized I must not have closed the thing fully but it looked and sounded just as it usually did when I used my hand to push it down. Besides, for such a thing to happen exactly as I approached the trashcan was just a little too coincidental.

Just as with the owl, I tested the lid by seeing if I could get it to close by itself and with as much force. It took some work to balance it properly but I was able to get the lid to slide shut on its own but not nearly with the same impact.

Final conclusion? Two tested events within a few days of each other and happening just at the right time spells unusual causation and purpose of some kind. Did they occur because my mom was trying to say hello or did they happen for some other reason? Who knows? I’ve gotten to the point over the years that I try not to make that final determination. There are simply too many possibilities to say for sure. What I do know is that for me, such circumstances are like little comforting flashes of light in the darkness that simply say, “Pay attention and remember this. You are connected to all that is in wondrous ways.”


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