“Paranormal Thriller.”

January 27, 2012

Sliding Beneath the Surface

The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book I

Young Adult, Paranormal & Historical

A review by  13-year-old Hopkins from Dorr, Michigan

“Dillon has engaged me in his suspenseful page-turner. At first, I began to think that his slightly sloppy use of language wouldn’t do him much good. But then I realized: Dillon brings out the reality of someone in such a situation.

“Through Jeff’s point of view, I could see that such events would be difficult for a character like him to describe. Through his paranormal thriller, Dillon keeps you glued to each page until they reach the startling conclusion, leaving you wondering: What will happen next?

“I would recommend this book for grades 6 and up, because of language that may not be appropriate for elementary schoolers. Also, if you enjoy historical fiction, there are traces of that in here that those of us who are interested in it would highly enjoy. If you find that you enjoy Doug Dillon’s first in this exhilarating trilogy, keep looking out for his upcoming sequel, because I sure will be.”

To see Dorr’s full review – Flamingnet.com

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