Paranormal Experiences: A Visit in the Night

February 24, 2012

Dreams and their connection to other realms. That’s what this posting is about and it comes to you from a trusted guest blogger.This person, who will remain anonymous, is very analytical and never accepts things on face value. Here’s his story:



In my dream, I was approached by a woman in some non-distinct place, other than that the light was very dim, almost like a candlelight supper.

I knew she looked familiar, but couldn’t make out her face until she came to a stop right in front of me.

That was when I realized she looked familiar because she was my grandmother, who had succumb to cancer back in the mid 90’s while I was in the navy and out to sea for 6 months, so I never had the chance to see her in her final days, or go to her funeral.

Gram was just simply gone when I got back for some leave time.

Anyway, the gram I was face to face with now was a beautiful young woman and just beaming with love. We embraced in a hug, she then held me out at arm’s length, and told me psychically “just LOOK at how well you’re doing!” With that, she gave me the biggest kiss on the cheek you can imagine, and it was over.

For me it was a no brainer that this was a direct encounter, especially being that during this particular period of time I had been having numerous lucid dreams and out of body experiences. What was the purpose? Dunno. Maybe sometimes these events happens just for the sake of them happening, the images and feelings to be stored in the bank of our subconscious of things that we now “know” are real, and don’t have to believe or take anyone else’s word for any more. Maybe they’re the well timed and needed encouragement we all need from time to time on this tough road of Samsara we trod together. Or, maybe she just wanted to say hello…LOL. Maybe all three, or more.

What I DO know is there are infinite realms of existence beyond our nearly blind 5 physical senses, that we are a part of them, they are a part of us, and by birthright we are free to explore them if we so choose. All of us.


Thanks so much for sharing that. What a great experience. Dreams seem to be a very special meeting place for us to connect with those who have gone before us.



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