Paranormal Events – Coincidences: The Collapsing Dock

March 6, 2012

Have you ever been somewhere just at the right time when something happened? Later on, did you wondered how it was possible for you to be in that exact spot, at that precise instant? Just chance, some say while other point to fate, destiny or God’s will. Take your choice, right?

Well, for me, the longer I live, the more interconnected I feel to All That Is. In my view, those unseen linkages sometimes suddenly become apparent in such startling ways that I simply can’t chalk it up to “coincidence”.

One such occurrence happened when I was visiting my mom at her home in the Melbourne, FL area. This was shortly before her death in 2007.

We were sitting out by the pool in her back yard having a snack and chatting. After having taken this picture, I put my camera down and for whatever reason, my gaze came to rest on the dock across the canal behind mom. You can probably just barely make it out behind the palm tree on the left.

As I looked, a woman came out of the house beyond the dock and walked out onto it.  Just as she got to the end of  the thing near a piling, that portion of the dock collapsed into the water. When the woman also fell into the water, I jumped to my feet, startling my mom. In that instant, I didn’t know if that woman needed help, if I should dive into the canal to assist her, or what.

Seconds later, as mom turned to look where I was staring, the woman crawled out of the water onto that badly tilted portion of the dock not underwater. Dripping wet, she scrambled to her feet and ran into her house. In the blink of an eye it was all over.

“Oh my God,” Mom said as she watched the woman climb out of the water and rush out of sight. As soon as I sat back down, with my heart racing, I told Mom how seconds before I “happened” to be looking in the exact direction of that event–right after having taken a picture of the scene where it would occur. We marveled at such a “coincidence” and I still do today.

My view is that when we experience such things, it’s simply an indicator that shows us the deeper, wiser portions of our selves. It’s a little flag that says, “Hey you! Don’t forget that under all that flesh, you are spiritual being linked to everything in existence.” Beyond that, we humans go wrong in two ways: (1) Ignoring such events and claiming they have no deeper meaning  or (2) Trying to assign an immediate and definitive meaning to what happened.

Only now, after all those years, can I see a possible meaning beyond the wake-up both mom and I received reminding us of our true nature.  Back then, I never, ever thought I would be blogging,  writing an online newsletter, and putting things on Facebook and Twitter. How things change, huh? Well, now this blog post will go on the Internet and in postings to those other social media outlets. Just maybe that dock collapse was meant  to be a wake-up call to others as well. Connectivity is an interesting thing, isn’t it?



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