Ghost Hunting in Goldfield, Nevada

June 21, 2012

An investigation into extremely strange happenings in a historic gold mining town as told by my friend, Peaches Veach. Peaches is from California Paranormal Private Investigations (CPPI).

I have literally been to hundreds of places conducting paranormal investigations over the past six years. Only a handful of these locations, in my opinion, have been extremely active. Two of them that have grabbed my attention are Virginia City, and Goldfield—both in Nevada.

These two locations had a lot going on in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with regard to the gold and silver rushes. Both towns/camps swelled to tens of thousands of people in a short period of time and then shrank tremendously in just a few years. Goldfield is where Virgil Earp died and it is in this town that something happened to me.

Goldfield currently has a population of about 268 people.  It has the original jailhouse, courthouse, high school, and the Goldfield Hotel. Sort of a partial “ghost town”, this place definitely retains its Old West Charm. The people there are down to earth and like any small town, it has its own brand of political strangeness.

During a weekend in Goldfield, nine friends of mine and I conducted a investigation of two particular locations: the Nixon Building and Goldfield High School. This is probably one of those weekends that will stick with me for a very long time. Not only was it a lot of fun to take a paranormal road trip with my friends, but something very interesting occurred during our search for the paranormal at the Nixon Building

Back during the days of the old west, the Nixon Building was the communications center for the Goldfield Consolidated Mining Company. Judging by the setup inside the place, the ground floor was where miners cashed in their gold and used as a post office as well. There is a basement, which contains the building’s furnace, and it appears there were living quarters and workrooms on the upper floors.

We were able to check this building out during the day on Friday afternoon and then do the actual investigation later on in the evening. I need to tell you ahead of time, however, that in my review of all the photos and recordings from our time there, I didn’t find any actual hard evidence—things I could show you or play back for you. I’ll be checking it all again but that’s the result so far.

I’m saying this because I’m a pretty skeptical person and I take experiences people tell me about with a grain of salt. Most folks tend to exaggerate their claims a bit, so evidence is crucial. That being said, what actually happened to me at the Nixon Buildin in May of 2012 remains quite a mystery.

Our hostess for the night, a local female gunslinger, said she had experienced spirits in the building and I noticed in my night vision camera that her eyes seemed to be more “buggy” at night. The only paranormal reason I could think of was that someone was going to be possessed by the end of the evening. I really shouldn’t have even thought that to myself!

As we started checking things out on the second floor, another investigator said she felt something “zap” her, like in “zapped” by static electricity. It made her jump and stand away from me. She felt it was coming between the two of us. Just like with everything else, we so far have no photo or video evidence of anything touching this person.

Then later on when we were in one of the rooms on the third floor, I “heard” a woman sobbing. To be specific, that sound wasn’t actually audible. No, it was more like I sensed it inside my head.

That sobbing continued for several more minutes and I mentioned it to two other investigators. They said they also sensed/heard the crying. The word “mistress” also came through to me.

On that same floor, there is also a room with a workbench containing a great many tools. I was standing near the bench during a “spirit box session”. A spirit box is a radio modified to scan various frequencies. The idea is that spirits/entities try to communicate with our world through the static produced—white noise. This was clearly demonstrated in the movie by that same name, White Noise. Maybe you saw it.

I honestly can’t remember what happened in that room very well because a few minutes into the session, I started to feel extremely dizzy. I was seeing 3 and 4 of everything, and even when I closed my eyes, the room felt like it was spinning. I literally felt drunk or drugged, similar to the sensation of coming down from anesthesia. It got so bad, I couldn’t stand up straight. I mean, I actually had to grab onto a table so that I wouldn’t fall down.

After about 20 minutes, but what seemed like an eternity, I had to excuse myself and go downstairs. When I got there, I walked outside for a bit to calm down and ground myself.

After I finally settled down, I went back upstairs where everyone had gathered to play period music in order to attract the spirits. I sat on the floor up against a wall and closed my eyes, just listening. After about two minutes, I fell asleep with my recorder sitting on my leg. When I awoke, about 27 minutes had gone by. That told me how completely my experience of feeling drunk or drugged had wiped me out.

As of now, we still don’t know who the sobbing woman might have been, or if I was experiencing an event in her life.

I have never felt anything like that before! I know that we were at a higher elevation than what I’m used to, and I had more coffee than I normally drink, but seeing double and quadruple of everything around me was highly unusual.

A former team member mentioned to me on other occasions about how she felt like something was trying to get into her head. I wonder if this is what happened to me. I’d rather not experience that sensation again but if I do I’d better make sure there’s a couch nearby!

Have you ever experienced something like this? Please send a comment via the Share Your Comment box below this post. We’d love to hear from you!

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