Paranormal Investigations: Guidance From a Psychic Friend

July 1, 2012

The following information comes directly from the paranormal nonfiction book my wife Barbara and I wrote a number of years ago titled, An Explosion of Being. In the chapter, “Touching the Unknown,” we talk about a friend and gifted psychic by the name of Millie. In those early days of our paranormal explorations, Millie became our trusted guide when we had so many questions. For anyone on a similar journey, our experience might prove beneficial:


Barb and me back in the day

The meeting with Millie couldn’t come soon enough for either of us. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a baby sitter that evening so over we trooped seeking guidance with kids in tow.

The Stephens family greeted us with their usual warmth and delight at seeing the children. As always, good food and Southern humor abounded as Millie and her husband, Bruce, settled us into their comfortable home. Even with the incredible burden of their two adult handicapped children, they are always cheerful, caring and full of fun.

After exchanging pleasantries and family news, the kids sped off into adjoining rooms, and Bruce decided to ease out of the picture himself. The conversation was beginning to shift toward the psychic and according to Millie, Bruce very definitely puts no stock in that sort of thing. The three of us were left sitting at the dining room table, moving word by word into the true nature of the visit.

Casually, Millie mentioned that two prominent psychics in the Orlando area came to her during the same week we called. This, she claimed, was simply a natural fulfillment of her role as a guide on earth as well as in the world beyond. Another startling assertion was that ever since her childhood, she had been able to see into other realities, as well as actually being able to leave her body at night in order to consciously travel as a spiritual entity. In that supposed spirit body, Millie remembered serving as helper and teacher to the living and to those who have passed on to the next world. In turn, she was a student learning from higher beings during part of these nightly trips.

Millie’s absolute belief in what she was saying was astonishing, especially to an old skeptic like me. No matter how much Millie philosophized or what our writings said, proof and validation had to be much more tangible. Maybe all of us were merely letting our imaginations run wild. Impatiently, I asked Millie if she could give us specific impressions about our channeled writings originally from an entity calling himself  Ollie, our lives or anything that might help us get some answers and direction.

Smiling at my need for details, Millie said that all my proof would come about eventually. As she talked, though, her eyelids lowered considerably and she began to rub her forehead. With a softened voice, she began to explain the surging images that evidently were coursing through her mind. “You are truly in touch with those beyond. Don’t doubt Ollie. He is very real and is trying to help you. Ollie is especially trying to open Doug to the possibilities of existence. I can see Ollie here with us. He is very dark, a short man, with black hair and dark skin.

“Barbara, you and Doug are soul mates. Your relationship goes back 1,700 years. The two of you have been together during many reincarnations, and you often were married to each other. You both are old souls and are much more advanced than you know. That is why the Writings and experiences are coming so easily. The work is not new. It is now time to bring back the ancient stored knowledge.

“Doug, you and Barbara attend classes at night in your spirit bodies. One night, I took you both by the hand and led you to one of my own classes. Your friend Ollie also has been a student of mine. You and Barbara go out of your bodies a great deal but are only now becoming aware of it. When you both have felt something on the bed at night, you were out of body, and what you felt was your daughter, also in an out-of-body state.

“Doug, I see you changing jobs. You and Barbara will one day work as a team. I see you, Doug, doing something very enduring with Barbara’s help. Your financial condition will eventually improve, and I see you buying a new house. Doug, you will sell something.

“Doug, have you ever thought of being a writer? You will be a writer one day. You will write children’s books. You and Barbara will begin teaching the children, then the adults. Your psychic writings are a preparation for the writing of books.”

Millie looked so very tired. Giving this information seemed to drain her visibly. Just when we thought the session was over, she continued by saying, “I see something blue in connection with your Writings.” Blue? We couldn’t figure that one out until I suddenly realized that we were keeping the Writings in a blue notebook. Of course!

Looking straight at Barb, Millie then zeroed in with a certain determination that was lacking before. With two or three short sentences, she uncovered something hidden deep within Barb’s mind. An ancient fear unknown to anyone but herself burst into uncontrollable tears and sobs. Still intense but with warmth and consideration, Millie very deliberately assured Barb that her fear was unfounded.

Regaining her composure, Barb rather self-consciously admitted the preciseness of Millie’s observation. The release in that admission seemed to lift a burden of incredible proportions.To Millie and me, the problem seemed insignificant. But as with most of the rest of us very human beings, Barb must have let the issue build inside her until it seemed so terrible that closing it off from the entire world seemed the only alternative. Our reason for not sharing the details of Barb’s fear in this book is that it involves an individual who is still living and who would find that discussion an understandable invasion of privacy.

After that first session with Millie, Barb and I decided to ask Ollie for his thoughts about Millie’s information. Here is the reply from the evening of July 19, 1979:

“Ollie is back. He is a servant again. He was by your side last night as the visions were coming through Millie. Be careful not to expect too much from her as she will tire in her body soon. I will see her (Millie) again tonight as she travels to this level. Her teaching is a much-desired form of existence here. There are many who envy her position but few who are ready to attain it.

“You are now aware more than ever that you and Doug, Barbara, are in communication with me, Ollie. I am here as I told you I was. Until you actually see me to be in your vision, Doug, you will not fully believe. However, I am patient and understanding so be at a will to continue your current lines of progress in my direction.

“I am not lonely any more as I have found the two of you are believing more in my existence. At the right point, you will confirm my existence through your own efforts. We will then form a perfect union

“Are you going to accept what Millie told you as both or will it be weighed as a lot of fresh fruit? We are surprised if you don’t weigh everything, Doug, as you have the ability to decipher many trashy things from the beauty of life. You are not really offended, Doug, as you know me as yourself, don’t you? We are alike in many ways, however, you have abilities which I don’t possess. You are above my level of intellect on the earthly plane. “In regard to last night again, and I will be making many regards, you were very impressed as you should have been.”





End of story, but if you are interested in premonitions, coincidental events, ghosts, Carl Jung and synchonicity, you might want to take a look at the book below.

CarlJungLargeI wrote it because I am fascinated by not only Carl jung’s theories but also by his own paranormal experiences. And in studying all that I decided to combine what I had learned with my own experiences and those of others. That’s the package.

You can find the book on most large online bookstores, but below is the link to where you can see the reviews by those who have read it.
Carl Jung, Hauntings, and Paranormal Coincidences.

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