After Life by Medium John Edward: Paranormal at Its Best

July 11, 2012

A Book Review


Author – John Edward

  • Medium & lecturer
  • Television shows, Crossing Over With John Edward and John Edward Cross Country
  •  Guest on Larry King Live, The Today Show, Oprah, The View
  • Articles written about him in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, People, Entertainment Weekly
  • Other books: Crossing Over, What if God Were the Sun, Fallen Masters, Above & Beyond, Infinite Quest, Final Beginnings, One Last Time

Sterling Publishing, 237 pgs.

A fascinating, first person account of life as an internationally acclaimed medium. Very warmly and openly presented, John Edward comes across as the guy next door who is trying to explain AND understand what he does as a medium at the same time.

In chapters with titles like, “Living on This Side”, The 9/11 Factor”, and “Papa, Can You Hear Me?”, this author offers readers the constant assurances that life continues after death. He includes key psychic readings done before thousands of people or in private in order to not only demonstrate that fact but to actually prove it with his transmission of incredibly accurate details. Whether its readings for famous people or family members of 9/11 victims, you can’t help but be touched by what Edward reveals.

Often telling stories about himself and his family members, Edward clearly lays out how communications with those who have passed out of this life can be highly beneficial and instructive. Again, using examples in his own life and in the lives of others, he shows how it is never to late to change attitudes, patch up differences or come to closure.

One very important thing comes across in this book and it is the heartfelt responsibility John Edward feels when transmitting messages between worlds, not only to the living but also to those who are no longer in this life and who are attempting to communicate. It is a very strong reinforcement of the man’s stance that this physical existence of ours is but one of many.

If you’ve ever wanted to get an inside look into what a highly skilled medium sees and does, this is the book for you. If you’ve ever wondered what problems such a person encounters, you’ll get the straight scoop here.


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