Paranormal Communications: After Death Helper

July 23, 2012

In my paranormal explorations, I have found that it often takes a lot of time for a channeled message or a psychic prediction to make any sense. One such piece of information came long ago  during the years my wife Barbara and I were writing our book, An Explosion of Being.

During a session when Barb was channeling an entity named, Ollie, this message came through:

“You (Doug) teach the philosophy of death during your sleep periods to many who have passed over in recent times. They look to you for reassurance that all is well on this plane. Your students on earth have been your students here. They are with you on both planes for two purposes.

One is to develop the physical mind and the other is to develop physical rejection of life. Your duty here is to help others understand, as I am helping you. While their lives show neglect of spirit, they will perplex themselves by discovering their nature within, and explore their potential. We find that death has a wakening effect on those who seek a contact with it. They return to know aspects that otherwise would not have asked for their audience.”

The message seemed to come right out of the blue. We had just asked about the meaning of death and after Ollie (source of channeled information) offered some interesting philosophical explanations, he suddenly gave the message above. It really startled me. I hadn’t expected something so personal, especially an explanation that said part of me was actively involved in the death process. “You teach the philosophy of death,” were Ollie’s words. Wow! Me? No way.

As interesting as that comment from our friend Ollie was, it wasn’t something you could prove. So, I just filed it in the old memory banks.

Recently when I was reviewing some of those old channeled messages from Ollie, I wondered if maybe he could have been right in a way. For a number of years now, since my mom’s death, I have been a volunteer for Hospice of the Comforter here in the Orlando area. I visit dying patients in hospitals and nursing homes. Sometimes, if they are sleeping or unconscious, I will meditate and pray, wishing the individual well. Hmm. Maybe Ollie knew more about me than I realized.

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