Paranormal Experiences: Banging in the Cupboard

July 24, 2012

This post about one of his paranormal experiences is from my  French friend Patrick Delsaut.

In 1991, I was awakened several times one morning by a rapid, repetitive knocking coming from a cupboard located at the foot of my bed. It sounded like someone banging with a small hard object on wood but with a particular resonance. Very unusual. This happened on many days, always in the morning but they stopped when I awakened.

At that time, the houses on either side of mine were totally unoccupied so the sounds couldn’t have come from the neighbors. However, the history of those people, especially the ones who used to live on the other side of the cupboard, made me wonder.

You see, it had recently been the home of an elderly, mentally ill gentleman who died there, violently. At one time, he lived there with his elderly mother. The police found him dead, sitting on a chair in the middle of a room whose walls were sprayed with blood as if his arteries had exploded. Very strange indeed. Restoration plans for this man’s house had been made but work had not yet begun. The place was still empty when I started hearing noises in my cupboard.

The other former neighbor, who was about the same age as the first, had also died recently. He also lived alone but his elderly, mentally ill mother had stayed with him until her death. Here you see a contrast with the first neighbor I mentioned. Mental illness plagued both households, the son in one and the mother in the other.

These two neighbors, whose destinies are strangely close with regard to time of death and the aspect of mental illness, might suggest that there is a relationship of cause and effect. In short, let’s not mince words, it sounds like a ghost story! Ghosts who would have given repeated blows in my cupboard! Indeed, it’s troubling but something in me says that’s not it. It looks more like a Poltergeist (“knocking spirit” in German) than a ghost.

Those knocks that awakened me several times, came from inside my house and not from inside the houses of my neighbors. That was very clear.

Of course, I tried to reproduce these sounds using my hand, nails, a pencil, a pen, a screwdriver, etc., without success. None of those matched what I heard. These had a subtle resonance quite particular, both clear and deep, close and distant, impossible to reproduce.

Like other similar things that have happened to me, I have no final explanation as to the cause of this knocking.

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