Paranormal Experiences: The Noise in the Cellar

July 26, 2012

This post about one of his paranormal experiences is from my  French friend Patrick Delsaut.

Patrick Delsaut

Patrick Delsaut

In the early 1990s, a strange phenomenon occurred in the cellar of my home.

It was night and all was quiet. Suddenly my sister opened the cellar door for some reason and from its depths gushed a strange sound vaguely resembling a whirring electric motor. This amazed and frightened her because we kept no engines, boilers, motorbikes or any other kind of equipment down there that could produce such a sound.

I came running immediately when my sister called me to hear this weird, whirring noise. Sure enough, our usually silent cellar had somehow been invaded by a sound that shouldn’t be there. How surprising! In fact, I had never heard anything exactly like that before.

After some hesitation, I decided to go and investigate. With each step though, the noise increased in intensity and surrounded me.  Once I got all the way down, I looked around but could not find the source of all that racket.

I then asked my sister to come down so that she could also observe this phenomenon firsthand. After she joined me, we thoroughly inspected every corner of the cellar with our eyes, our ears and our hands. The pipes, walls and floor didn’t vibrate, nor did the gas and water meters. We could find nothing that might explain this loud and unpleasant noise.

We wondered if the sound could be coming from one of our neighbors on either side of us but we finally discovered its intensity increased slightly near the basement windows (vents) overlooking the street.

Thinking something may be going on outside our home, we charged up the stairs and out onto the street. Nothing. All was silent. As soon as we went back into the house and opened the cellar door, however, the same vibrating noise assaulted us again. It evidently had not stopped in our absence whatever its origins.

The next day, the sound was gone but as soon as night fell, the strange vibration came back! My sister and I continued our investigations but we discovered nothing new. It went on like that for several nights in succession, and then stopped for a while before resuming once again. A short time later though, the sound disappeared forever.

To this day, I have no explanation for what my sister and I experienced.

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