Paranormal Experiences in Families: Out-of-Body

August 6, 2012

The following experiences come from the paranormal nonfiction book my wife Barbara and I wrote a number of years ago titled, An Explosion of Being. They are startling examples of out-of-body events and this first one comes from Barb:

While sleeping, I somehow felt and heard Nikki (our daughter, age 3 at the time) come into our room. Upon waking, I thought that she needed my help or that she was sick. At that point, I could feel her move onto the bottom of the bed and crawl up toward me, which she often did. Her little hands pressed against my left foot and leg on her way up. Just as I was about to turn over, I felt her blowing in my ear. It was a very irritating and steady stream of air that annoyed me considerably. Ready to pounce on my sweet daughter for playing games so late at night, I started to turn over but to my horror, I was paralyzed. I absolutely could not move.

There I lay with my eyes wide open, unable to move. The blowing continued until I finally mustered all of my strength and was able to force myself to sit up. The blowing stopped. Nikki was nowhere to be seen. Doug was fast asleep with his back to me. Within a few seconds, Nikki awakened in her bedroom and called to me. Until I actually saw her in bed with the covers still in place could I believe that she hadn’t been in our room at all.”

Now a physical manifestation was a little above and beyond our already overflowing cup of experience. When things get to be downright spooky, you really begin to wonder. I never doubted Barb’s perceptions of that event but it did cross my mind that our interest in the psychic could have caused a dream condition to simply flow over into her mind as it became fully conscious.

Shortly after that event, I had my own experience:

I suddenly awoke, aware that something in the room was quite different. Barely audible footsteps on the carpet stopped at the foot of the bed. Gentle pressure on the edge of the mattress was followed by light indentations moving up the covers between Barb and me. Whirling around, I could see nothing. That sequence of activity was to happen to both of us on random occasions or the next year.

With both of us having a similar experience, we conducted a channeling session. This was the response from Ollie, the original source of our channeled efforts:

“You both were not aware physically of what of what was happening to you. It was a source of extreme confusion in your mind. I am referring only to your physical mind not your spiritual existence which was manifesting itself at the time. You saw only a part of the actual experience. Nikki’s soul or spirit was with you before. You have only recently opened the door for experiencing such circumstances now. As I recall, you were startled and scared. The feeling was not new, but it was a new experience. You need not have any fear as it will happen again, and you will be more aware instead of afraid. Therefore, you will learn more than you did this time.

“It was an experience to show you both that actual astral projection (the spirit leaving the body) does exist and is not a figment of all psychic authors’ imaginations. Ollie’s opinion is that he feels you are now prepared for further projections.

“He sees you following the lines of psychic communication of which he has been speaking to you about before. Your paths are extending themselves into another bend. The other thing I will mention regarding the other night’s experience is that it was profoundly real and that is why you were so scared.

“Nicole is a soul as you are and she has earthly needs as you do. Therefore, if she can’t reach you through earthly ways, then she will, through her soul. It is evident to me that need was a strong one the other night Nicole was a bit frightened as you were when she awakened and found herself in bed alone as she was with you just before in spirit. If she needs you, her soul will enter your realm and take cover from earthly overtures of negative existence. She will learn much from you as you already have learned from her.

“Nicole will show you spiritually the ways of further development as she progresses in earthly time. The time is not going to be long from now as she is already a highly developed soul. Note that she was a vehicle of communication in your experience. Go to your child and see her as she is. She is the way for you both to be bound together at all times. She gives the stability of life to each of you through her own source of power. She is able to communicate with others through this same source.”

As if all of that wasn’t enough, I had another experience of feeling Nicole on the bed a few days later:

It was that kind of awakening which instantly transports you from the deepest sleep to the absolute clarity of consciousness. I didn’t move, but lay there wondering what could have roused me so completely. The gentle bubbling of the fish tank in the living room was the only sound, but there was still a sense of expectancy. Nothing happened, but something was definitely about to happen. That’s what it was. I could feel it hanging heavily in the air, as if it would drop any minute.

Lying there in the darkness, I analyzed the sensation of expectancy for an instant before the familiarity hit me. On those occasions at night, when I could feel Nicole on the bed in an out-of-body condition, the sensation that preceded each encounter was the same as I was feeling at that moment. Within seconds, light footsteps on the carpet stopped at the foot of the bed. O.K.,

I thought, are you really there, or are you flitting around again, out-of-body? With that, my arm began to tingle. It was as if a physical imprint were purposely being made, but why? Again, within seconds, Nikki started to cry in her room. Jumping out of bed, I found her feverish and coughing. Then things began to make sense. As our channeled source told us, when Nicole can’t get to us physically, she will do it in spirit.

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