Paranormal Coinicidences: A Premonition?

August 9, 2012

What are premonitions? Just thoughts or dreams that coincidentally link to similar or even identical future events. Maybe, but there are definitely times when I do wonder. What follows is a simple little story to illustrate how that happens to a lot of people.

My wife, Barbara, really loves Christmas. Yup, that’s her time of the year. Our home is always beautifully decorated, inside and out. Holiday music and cooking scents fill the air, and our regular coffee cups get put away until after the New Year is well under way. Instead, we have a box of Christmas coffee cups as replacements.

This year, Barb wanted to keep one of her Christmas cups available after the New Year in order to remind her of all the good cheer from the holidays. So we made room for a gingerbread man cup she dearly loves. That made her quite happy.

Now to switch gears in this story. I have a habit of using coffee cups to get ice cubes out of our freezer for drinks. One day, I grabbed a cup from the cabinet without even thinking until I was about to plunge it into the ice. That’s when I realized it was Barb’s Christmas cup. Immediately, I had this vision of that cup getting chipped or broken somehow. Mind you, I’ve been collecting ice like that without a mishap for more years than I care to tell but I still had this clear picture in my mind of a destroyed cup.

Not wanting to take any chances for Barb’s sake, and for self preservation purposes, I put the gingerbread man cup away and used another.

Two or three days later, I walked by the kitchen counter and there was that same Christmas cup but in two distinct pieces, virtually sheared in half. It really took me by surprise because I knew I had safely returned Barb’s little treasure to the cabinet unharmed.

When I asked her about it, she got this very sad, little girl look on her face, stuck out her lower lip and said, ” I dropped it.” I felt so bad for her but also glad I heeded my vision and hadn’t used her cup as a tool. Coulda been me that broke the thing but luckily it wasn’t. What do they say? “Forewarned is forearmed”?  Looks like it to me.

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