Paranormal Communications: Probing the Future

September 5, 2012

This series of paranormal events appeared scattered throughout the book my wife Barbara and I wrote titled, An Explosion of Being. Throughout our multiple-year journey into the unknown, I kept getting messages from a trusted, psychic friend, Millie, and Ollie, an entity channeled by Barb.

These messages collectively said that I would be changing jobs, doing something very different and that I would become a writer. All those predictions, I thought at the time, were just plain silly. Much to my amazement, they all came true. I’ll quickly chronicle what actually happened, after you read these predictions:


From Millie, Friend and Psychic

“Doug, I see you changing jobs. You and Barbara will one day work as a team. I see you, Doug, doing something very enduring with Barbara’s help. Your financial condition will eventually improve, and I see you buying a new house. Doug, you will sell something.

“Doug, have you ever thought of being a writer? You will be a writer one day. You will write children’s books. You and Barbara will begin teaching the children, then the adults. Your psychic writings are a preparation for the writing of books.”

From Ollie, Channeled Entity, Message # 1

“You, Doug, are to be a facilitator in another world of communication, such that would not be accepted by many of your colleagues (in· the school system) now. You will not lose sight of what you wanted in your teaching career. It will be better as you are away from it. It will take a different form as you progress in your psychic training. Your field of teaching will not go unnoticed. You will be able to perform for others in a similar role. However, it will not be at a factory (school system) as it is now. You will respond to ideas, thoughts and manifestations of your mind. This will become more transparent as you get closer to the time of change in both of you.”

From Ollie, Channeled Entity, Message # 2

“Your book will become a most critical portion of communication between levels (of reality). This, you see, shall open all ways of becoming a more involved spiritual ideal.

“If you propose that we are able to welcome others, then be still and assure your readers that all has to be attained as a newness for future realities to become apparent. If, however, you see that your index of ideas has now a certain look of despair due to inadequate supplies, then don’t be afraid, as you will surely find avenues of thought which are yet unopened.

“Awaken your wisdom and knowledge. Know that you are becoming a spirit of wise choice for all to implicate us in a pattern which no one has surrounded with love before your committal of our world with yours.”

From Ollie, Channeled Entity, Message # 3

“Your purposes, Doug, will be revealed, therefore combining an interest within a soul’s searching process. This tabloid of adventure will begin as a mirror to your past. As I speak, there is a ‘cattleman’ who will rustle your thoughts into a corporate adventure for his own learning process.

“Your books will provide a suitable course for your return to this embodiment. Our sources are interested in the promoting of this lovely material.”

From Ollie, Channeled Entity, Message # 4

“Your publisher (of your books) has not yet received a purpose for his objective to merge with yours, but shall evolve with you as a particle in your purpose. Your airing of views will come as a surprise to your publisher, as he will wish to narrate the prominence of this book. Your pleasure will come as a part of his wisdom will flow into yours, thereby comforting any flaws. A publisher will respond to your request for more advice from his level. Be self-adjusting to this criticism and thankful that he is a polisher.”

From Ollie, Channeled Entity, Message # 5

“As you publish each of your books, your own needs will lessen. Be still and acquire much forethought of purpose. As a pastime of purpose, saturate your minds with this purpose of publication so as to fit others’ needs into your private lifestyle.

“Be conscientious, and your books will flourish publicly.”

From Ollie, Channeled Entity, Message # 6

“You will renounce your business efforts, Doug, after a period takes place whereby your own recognition of trials seems insurmountable.

“Your receptivity has enabled us to channel your truer natures, thus creating a fuller experience not only for your beings, but also for your readers to follow.”

From Ollie, Channeled Entity, Message # 7

“Be calm (Doug) and adjust to your loss (business) as a temporary one. Be self-adjusting, as a period will fly through this barrier quickly and softly. A temporary learning pain will therefore adjust itself to farther outcries for help of your own nature on different levels. Be courteous to yourself. Be quick to spew self-evidence into a way of being kind to you. As you love yourself, you will be furthered as a wise person who deplores any further negative constitution to hold down further spiritual attainment.”

When Millie first made her prediction, I was Director of Staff Development and Volunteer Services for Orange County Public Schools in Orlando. My career was going well. I had no intentions of making any changes and as to writing books? Ha! Me? No way.

But over time, a friend of mine (the cattleman mentioned by Ollie?), talked me into leaving the school system and going into business with him. That moved proved disastrous even though the predictions were correct. As a result, I went back into classroom teaching AND, lo and behold, Barb and I decided to write a book about our paranormal adventures. Self fulfilling prophecy? Who knows? But it ended well and I haven’t stopped writing books yet.

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