Paranormal Experiences: A Horrible Dream

September 30, 2012

This paranormal event is almost as difficult for me to share as it was when I wrote about it in, An Explosion of Being. When my wife Barbara and I put that book together many years ago, we decided to include what you are about to read as a cautionary tale. I’m posting this experience for the same reason. The chapter from which it is taken is told from Barb’s perspective as you will see but she quickly shifts to me telling my own tale:


From intriguing to unsettling is a big step, but this terrifying dream of Doug’s and its conclusion in the physical world showed how quickly that transition can occur: “Dream after dream shot their ways past me in rapid fire succession. They made a blizzard of random movements, people, objects and colors.

“Tossing and turning, I was physically and psychologically restless. Everything moved too quickly and nothing was understandable, until the motion slowed to a comprehensible focus on a small child. It seemed as if the child was a little girl, but I wasn’t certain because she, or he, was running so fast.

“In a moment, the child’s desperation was all too clear. Someone was in pursuit, and the child was fleeing in panic. The scenes then changed too rapidly to follow, until, once more, the focus was on the child, but this time he, or she, was sitting in a blue pickup truck. Again, the child tried to escape, but as the door opened, a slashing knife seemed to cut completely through the small body.

“Before I had time to react, the child was staggering through the woods, finally stopping just in front of me, critically wounded. Crouching in pain, the child looked at me, turning my growing revulsion into an agonizing desire to help. Reaching down, I gathered the youngster in my arms and held it close. In absolute horror, I realized that I was literally holding the child together.”

“Lurching awake, I found myself trembling and in a cold sweat. Nicole must have sensed something. She had arisen, entered our room and was just standing by the bed, looking at me in the darkness. I reached out and hugged her, dissipating some of the dream’s terror.

“The next day, I began a scheduled business trip along Florida’s East Coast. On the way towards Jacksonville, a radio report, describing a child’s abduction in south Florida seemed like just another bit of the world’s negativity, so I paid little attention.

“After finally arriving at my destination and settling into the motel south of town, I went in search of a restaurant for dinner. But again, the radio blared news of that abduction. On it went, with the final chilling news that part of the child’s body had just been discovered by search teams. My hands began to shake. Pictures from the horrifying dream the night before flooded my mind.

“Instantly, I knew that the dream action of holding a child together was symbolically valid. Somehow, a part of me had spiritually stumbled into that event to help the child’s consciousness repair the damage done through the pain and fear of that gruesome killing.

“Supper that night didn’t settle very well. I left most of it still sitting on the plate and returned to the motel. Using the noise of television and the need to prepare for my meeting the next day, I was able to push thoughts of my dream and the child into the background. Sleep came much later, but only after wrestling with a piercing sadness and a raging anger at the injustice of physical life. I could still feel that trembling youngster in my arms.

“Incredibly, within the next couple of days, my original travel plans put me on a road passing the exact spot where the TV news  reported authorities had found the abducted child’s dismembered remains. That “coincidence really jarred me.Expanded awareness can be a double-edged sword.”

As Doug found out, this paranormal stuff can indeed cut two ways. On the one hand, it can clear a path for beautiful and satisfying perceptions, but on the other hand, it can reveal information that I suspect we might otherwise prefer to hide from our conscious mind. So called “psychic phenomena,” then, are perhaps just tiny bursts of recognition, both positive and negative, reminding us of the truer reality from which our physical existence springs.

One final note. The news event I talk about during this experience was national news for a very long time. Even so, I didn’t and still don’t feel comfortable mentioning the names of the people involved. That experience was so real to me at back then, it brought tears to my eyes when I told Barb about it. Still does.


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