Paranormal Experiences: An Exorcism?

October 1, 2012

The paranormal series of events that follow come directly from the book my wife Barbara and I wrote titled, An Explosion of Being. This is one of those things that happened along the way and left us shaking our heads. It is told from Barb’s perspective:

One of our more intriguing occurrences began when Doug came home after one of the many crisis days, during his ill-fated venture into business. His half-joking statement didn’t make me laugh at all. “Well, Barb, guess what? We’ve got our first exorcism.”

What!? I was horrified. What a terrible prospect. “You’re kidding, right?” I was beginning to back out of the room.

“Ah, well, yes, kind of, but…” he stumbled. “What I mean is that one of my associates at work has been  seeing this, ah, well, ghost-like vision and I, ah, well, sort of promised we’d find out what it is.”

As the story unfolded, it seemed that Doug had shared the concepts of his children’s books with a woman in the office. This led to a discussion of afterlife and subsequently to a discussion of An Explosion of Being, including the trance communications.

Doug’s friend was fascinated. She proceeded to tell him about a ghostly image that kept presenting itself to both her and her daughter. Their request was simply to investigate, through our trance source, the nature of the sightings. The request was simple, but its execution was not. Yes, Doug and I had seen images that might commonly be called ghosts, and, yes, our trance communications explained their appearances, but to actually investigate somebody else’s haunting?

Through Doug’s gentle pressure and a few days of careful consideration, I agreed to give it a try. As long as Doug’s friend understood that we guaranteed nothing, and the investigation would consist only of asking questions of our source, in our own home, then I would participate.

With just Doug and me present, the writing session went perfectly, giving us a full page of information. Apparently, my nervousness left me entirely, as the words flowed of their own accord, in the usual manner. A little study showed some sort of cryptic reference to a spiritual guide that had always been with this woman. It seemed as if this continued appearance was meant to remind her of something that she needed to learn. On the surface, the words seemed logical but we had trouble deciphering a completeness of meaning.

The next day, Doug took the typed session to work, handed it to his friend, and explained what little we understood from the messages. Almost apologetically, Doug told her that the material may have no significance for her whatever, and to feel free to discard it if what was said didn’t feel right. When his presentation was done, she said, “It may not make a lot of sense to you, Doug, but to me those messages are perfectly clear.”

She went on to explain how, since childhood, she had seen a spiritual guide such as the one mentioned in the Writings, but she had forgotten about it in recent years. She seemed very pleased with the content of what Doug gave her, allowing us both to breathe a sigh of relief.

The matter would have ended there, except that a couple of weeks later, Doug happened to ask his friend how the ghost was faring. Her response was a startled revelation to herself. “My God, we haven’t seen it since you and I discussed the messages from your trance communications. It all made so much sense, somehow, I didn’t even realize that we weren’t seeing it anymore.”

And I hadn’t wanted to participate in an exorcism?

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