Paranormal Events in Families: Out-of Body or Dream?

October 2, 2012

The following experiences come from the paranormal nonfiction book my wife Barbara and I wrote a number of years ago titled, An Explosion of Being. They are startling examples of out-of-body events and this one comes from me:

With Barb as the official family doctor, all those who are ailing come directly to her for help. Call it a culturally assigned role or attribute it to the history of Barb’s medical family, but that’s how it is in the Dillon household. Therefore, it was not at all unusual, when late one night, our son Greg woke Barb with some sort of physical discomfort. Closing the door to our room behind her, she took Greg to the other side of the house for doctoring.

Very, very vaguely, I remember the door closing, but within seconds, I was contentedly sawing wood. Then, in the deepest sleep, I could literally see and feel Greg standing beside the bed. He looked directly at me and said, “Dad, I need your help.” Completely startled, I vaulted out of bed, half asleep. Barb was gone. It was dark. No Greg. The door was shut. What was going on?

In sleepy confusion, I found Barb in Greg’s room trying to ease his pain. He was in agony; excruciating headaches, vomiting- the works. When I walked in, they were both surprised. As with most teenagers, Greg likes to show old Dad how independent, detached and “together” he can be. It’s a natural process, but on that night, minutes before I entered the room, Greg told Barb, “Boy, I sure wish Dad was here.”

When his symptoms began to ease, I explained my experience and asked Greg how he was able to awaken me all the way from his room. He laughed and shook his head, but for another hour, the three of us sat there and explored the possibilities together—not parents and child, but three people playing with ideas of mind and spirit.

By this time in his life, through many such talks, Greg has come to understand much of his own potential. His conclusion about my dream was that it was an obvious telepathic linkage with him during his extreme pain. Sitting there listening to him hypothesize, I began to think about our daughter  Nicole’s nightly out-of-body travels. In both circumstances, without a doubt, I had been contacted as a helping agent in a time of crisis.

On the surface, this was a very practical usage of nonphysical capabilities by both parent and children. Barb even complimented me on what she said would blossom fully one day into “woman’s intuition.” But, below the surface, both Barb and I definitely sensed that in all such experiences with our kids, they were the teachers, and we, the students.

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