Paranormal Communications: On the Mentally Handicapped

October 4, 2012

The following channeled information came to me through my wife Barbara as recorded in our book we wrote a number of years ago titled, An Explosion of Being.

Q: (From Doug) Why was my brother born mentally handicapped? Why must he and others be so afflicted?

A: “Your brother, Doug, is at a loss of foundation at this point of his existence. Should he become aware of the situation he is now in, he would lack a powerful role of existing structural development. He is and has been a child in many ways although the spirit is in full cooperation in his physical manifestations at this time. He is about to become a fully potential being, as we know that being to be here on our plane of existence.

“Do not be sorry for him as he will be your friend at another point in time. He was your own father at a previous existence, Doug. Be cautious not to let this influence your daily life now. He is serving the purpose for his soul to become a higher being.

“Mentally handicapped people seem to overcome their existence from within and reach toward a higher form as they seek to challenge their own instabilities. Although their physical alertness has many times dwindled, their spirits are filled with relaxation. Acceptance of these individuals must come early from you as we will work with them in an affordable manner.

“Your future involves many experiences with these people. Their purpose is to develop a way of existence beyond yours. They have already learned to need much of emotional values but fear little. Their openness to you has been useful for them as they close out all concentration on trivial earthly needs. Their linkage to us is closer than yours. They have been shown a way of development which far exceeds many who live ‘normal’ lives. The lives of mentally handicapped individuals will change as they progress here.

“Some may never change but have a reason also for this. They are available to our world as ones whose capacities of learning are exposed and will accept our thoughts here more readily.”

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