“An Intriguing Combination of Paranormal, History and Mystery.”

October 15, 2012

Sliding Beneath the Surface

A review by

      Julia from Oklahoma  (As Published on Amazon.com and Goodreads)

“I do believe I am ready to review this book tonight as I say this I am currently thinking of what I would like to say about the book. I finished this book within two days as I started it on the 10th and finished it on the 11th, today being the 13th. I’ve given the books ending and mystery a few days to think about what I would like to say in my review.

:This book is a very unique book as I cannot compare it to any other book I have read in the past. And I have read a lot of paranormal books. It has history, paranormal experiences, mystery as it is like a puzzle to figure out, action and a budding romance.

“When I say history I mean that the author, Doug Dillon really did his homework in order to recreate a scene that I believe no one will question. I have never read a book that has a shaman as a character in the book and it opened my eyes and mind to the possibilities. It also had me question some of my own past experiences and rethink a few things that has happened in my life.

Because this book has had such an effect on me as a reader I purchased An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic [New Edition] also by Doug Dillon and Barbara Dillon, his wife. I’d almost like to see if it gives me any insight as to where Doug got the idea for this book. :)

“This book hooked me from the beginning with Jeff and his telling of the story.

“The intro to the book cracked me up and gave me a feel for Jeff as the main character. Jeff is a unique teenage boy that is smart but has some family problems in which leads to anger management issues.

“He is then faced with paranormal dreams so he turns to his friend Carla, a witty teenage female that surprised me more than once with her smart mouth come backs. Carla then leads Jeff to Lobo, an old Native American Shaman, who is blunt and direct. Jeff doesn’t know whether to run away or stay when things get worse, careful not to endanger Carla, he almost runs away from what could change his life and others forever.

“With all that said, I must say I love the mystery of the books cover and finding out how it plays into the book itself, the visual is quite amazing. What is it you say? Well I’m not telling, you’ll have to purchase the book to find out. And yes it is a mystery and puzzle piece…to the story itself.”

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