Paranormal Communications: At the Point of Death

October 23, 2012

The following channeled information came to me through my wife Barbara as recorded in our book we wrote a number of years ago titled, An Explosion of Being.

Q: What happens at the point of death?

A: “You are apt to return to this level primarily by choice. As in any period of adjustment, your soul must replace one level with another. Out of sequence at times, this change will seek to deliver a new period of consciousness for your learning period to become a layered reality.

“When your physical death occurs, your spiritual entity remains intact. It is not partially linked, as suspected, but will remain at a point nearby for a period of time. Should there be a strong spiritual need at that time to complete this process, your spirit will flow according to the entity’s purpose. Your compassion, therefore, for a spiritual entity will be established as a primary motivator.

“The body, in actuality, leaves the spirit. It (the body) does not reverse itself since the body’s parts are limited, but the spirit is not Should the spirit then be cast as a prior image of return for physical life, he will then begin to prepare for this new existence. Away from his own earthly problems, his growth period is now freer to establish the higher knowledge that is needed to acquire full physical respect from any entity that rebounds itself.

“Should your entity (on earth) be placed in a position of wealth, this is a prior choice. For you, what is occurring is a growth process through purpose. Thus, similarly, a spiritual entity on this realm must maintain a process of growth. We are open to outside forces as we are all encompassing. After a physical death, these forces begin to control our observant needs, thereby placing them into a priority position. Your physical relatives and friends who are passing through our realm also shall be a comfort to newly passing spirits.

“Your willingness to perceive this period (death) is the primary motivation, again, for its occurrence. Their (those who die) growth patterns are also a way to help you, showing their needs are entrapped through yours. Thus, as your spirit travels here, to greet you, will be your friends, as wished by your self’s supreme being. As your lesson of earthly fear dwindles, the entity then releases these spirits as a need quickly fulfilled.

“The aspects of each layer of death surrounds itself with  an act of credibility, thus releasing any previous fearful commitment ‘Thy will’ is done at that point, you see, as your proposed circumstances have then embarked on a new journey beyond that which was totally committed as a goal before your death. These layers are grounded in a reality of preconceived surroundings. Their placement has a purpose, thus eliminating fear and doubt of past suppositions.

“While observing a pattern through a demise of earthly concepts, you will learn to accept a more perfect value system, thus eliminating fear entirely and enjoying trust as your only guide in this reality. Be willing to adopt this philosophy as yours: Death has no meaning within itself, but does promote an energy that surrounds its happening, thereby releasing a ‘quick-start’ for the soul’s re-entry program.

“I have astounded many who have come to know a reality beyond death, to form a more useful experience than had previously existed. I welcome this opportunity to share a layer of thought with you both tonight Waiting for life to explain itself has not become a purposeful unit of message here. Life’s net will hold many a thought to awaken a spirit and find a new growth beyond self-righteous physical existence.

“When death occurs, your soul begins to change form with life’s dwindling earthly existence. Slowly, an active partition begins to form a film of recovery for your spirit to cling to. This (film) is placed by your spirit prior to the last entry of that lifetime. Between layers of acceptance, your image passes through a period of waiting for further instructions. This comes as a means of support for your opening into a new reality.

“This reality then awakens eventually to find a pattern of new experiences for your further awakenings. These patterns are circulating rapidly, thereby decreasing past reservations of challenging unknown presences.

“You (Doug) teach the philosophy of death during your sleep periods to many who have passed over in recent times. They look to you for reassurance that all is well on this plane. Your students on earth have been your students here. They are with you on both planes for two purposes. One is to develop the physical mind and the other is to develop physical rejection of life. Your duty here is to help others understand, as I am helping you.

“Your concept of ‘death’ has no purpose by itself other than to remind your soul that it was only a transactional relationship through existence. Here, death, therefore, has become a starting point for each soul to witness as a link between a future and a past. This point is necessary, but its lingering effects are slim and easily adjustable. To your soul, this period disposes of a previous existence, while acquiring a new transition back to our realm, leaving a path partially completed, only to return again.

“While attaining a purpose here, you must find way to expose yourselves and believe that all will end (death) shortly, as you see ‘all’ in the physical sense. This I have said, has short ramifications in itself, so others must understand that while their lives show neglect of spirit, they will perplex themselves by discovering their nature within, and explore their potential. We find that death has a wakening effect on those who seek a contact with it. They return to know aspects that otherwise would not have asked for their audience.”

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