Paranormal Communications: On God

October 23, 2012

The following channeled information came to me through my wife Barbara as recorded in our book we wrote a number of years ago titled, An Explosion of Being.

Q: Tell us some more about God.

A: “Your determination of originality in this particular concept depends upon your ultimate perception of belief. As each individual sees an ultimate source of guidance in various ways, your narrowness of physical minds will themselves to form a structured ideal for their own personal grasping.

“This alternative is useful for them to grow, but will not provide the cushion which many seek. Your own beliefs in a ‘God system,’ provide a moral adjustment to physical embodiments. These standards are basically self-influenced. They are not created by a source of ‘God.’ Your own inner conflicts with this position are actually guided again through physical means of repercussions.

“Tracing your ancestors, you will find that only through worshiping a particular means of spiritual entity were they able to perceive any form of ultimate reality. If they chose not to believe in an entity, such as this, then they became objected to by many around them.

Subsequently, they divided their minds into two parts. One was actual earthly living according to their own needs. The other was according to their own perception of God’s needs. This served then, a direct purpose for their lives and their own ancestors.

“You are now in a period where short answers are not acceptable. Do reconsider this when your books of religious literature are read. The Christ concept is no longer easily explained, as it was during these previous lifetimes, for again, your angles of perception are higher throughout the world.

“As you will yourself to a higher existence level, you shall seek to dwell with and upon an ultimate concept of belief. This, then, will provide the inner workings for your ‘God.’ If your persistence of a belief structure is necessary to you, then your needs are ultimately correct. However, your physical perception again may be colored, due to the infinite amount of exposure within your physical surroundings. Be patient with this concept, as you are not full grown as yet.”

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