Paranormal Communications: On Reincarnation

November 1, 2012

The following channeled information came to me through my wife Barbara as recorded in our book we wrote a number of years ago titled, An Explosion of Being.

Q: Tell us something about reincarnation.

A: “The term that you use as a physical being shows total accuracy if used within the guidelines of the soul’s purpose. Many other souls’ individuals do not adhere to correct understandings of the total concept Reincarnation is only a beginning process for future self-discovery. Its term implies another point of living that one looks forward to. As this part is true, it is not complete.

“The interaction of lives depends again, entirely upon the after death sequence that involves so many other parts of the soul’s travels through other realities. Your friends on earth will be born again to rediscover life if their pre-chosen way is to partake in another venture of this kind. Your limitations are not set in order for the pure pleasure of knowledge of rebirth. They are set in order that the penetration of the soul is again enhanced through each physical existence.

“As your lives teach many lessons important to the soul, they also discard much outer frill that does not seem necessary as a functional growth. Each partition of lives has an important part in the development of your soul, also. It creates a waiting period of observation for your soul to choose.

“This period often proves successful to itself as direct choices are placed in each lifetime, then reviewed within the same period.

“You will begin to see more of your past lives through dreams, thus recognizing your self-importance as other individuals who also become linked with you.

“The future lives are always as important, as they will transform parts of your soul into a regressive period, thus reconnecting each one with the past. The final regrouping of all physical existences performs a continuous whirl of experience for the soul to derive from. Your souls are always choosing pathways of varied choices. This may mean that your choices are expressly designed for their usage at another time. It may also mean that your soul has so many lives that it did not choose to ignore even a pinpoint of each one for its usage.

“Your avenues of discovery regarding these past, present, and future lives will be tended through their inner core of your soul. Should you choose lessons beyond the earthly existence to take a priority, then you will seek higher integration with your own soul’s guides. These lifetimes provide many learning experiences that will expire only when your soul’s choice is given a reality.

“Become aware of this, as you see, the earth has provided a partial placement for your soul’s mergers with others who desire the same incarnation periods.

“Your personal earthly guide is also very important in each lifetime, as a choice is always determined by the soul, ultimately. However, the individual physical choice is bound to his own private destination. Therefore, become aware of your own total existence within your own reach.

“If your soul’s choices involve the demise of another person, this will ultimately influence your path greatly. The spiritual concept is not meant to be used for negative self-advantage. The soul will make up its own progressive stages, however. Relying totally on its wisdom, without earthly infiltrations of choice, will not consume the total ideals for a soul’s growth. This must be clear.

“Your earthly choices are most important. Your soul does not create each one for you, but as a part of your soul, you must choose each one according to your own physical desires. Thus, you see the possibility of alterations within the soul’s periods of embodiments.

“As you are apt to be sustained primarily through physical surroundings, you are also aware of a partiality toward another unknown. Hopefully, your faith within yourself will show enough guidance to give to each lifetime, thus bringing about the final course for your soul only to begin anew. Be wise and accept this, as you are all part of my teaching. I will learn much from each lifetime of yours as a swirl around mine.”

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