Paranormal Communications: On Ghosts

November 7, 2012

The following channeled information came to me through my wife Barbara as recorded in our book we wrote a number of years ago titled, An Explosion of Being.

Q: What are ghosts?

A: “Ghosts are actually visions created by a mutual agreement between parts of your souls, or parts of other souls and yours. In order for your physical adaptability to enlarge itself, your visions of these beings are accurate, as their presence is always present. Belief in these ‘ghosts,’ is actually a higher concept that provides a necessary step for a spiritual/physical overflow between realities.

“These visual concepts are important not only to the physical person who sees this image, but also to the image itself, as again, it is part of another being who is exercising the choice of materialization only to a minute degree. Here we have an image that is self-created, by the fact that each image is in control of itself from within another form of its being.

“The inner workings of a vision, divisions of the soul, and your physical entities, are unified at certain points in order to relieve the fearfulness of many who need this removal. As images appear to people after deaths, they bring with them certain reminders of faith that usually will promote calmness instead of fear. They are prepared for this lesson ahead of time. Both sides again grow from these experiences.

“Your concept of the soul’s growth must include these visual concepts of reality, as with blinders on, you will net see them and your particular area of growth will not occur. If you shall release your own earthly image to a point of a possible merger within the spiritual realm, you will begin having visions of spiritual entities behaving in a pleasurable way toward you. Their power is not within you, but yours is within them.

“Therefore, your control is satisfactory in disarranging their presence, if necessary, to a later time. As you regard their presences as ultimate particles of life, be aware that their particles are only adjacent to yours. They have mighty divisions within themselves also, for each is able to create according to the need of a physical body to see a familiar shape, person, or surrounding.”

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