Paranormal Communcations: About Pain and Sickness

November 9, 2012

The following channeled information came to me through my wife Barbara as recorded in our book we wrote a number of years ago titled, An Explosion of Being.

Q: Why is there so much pain, sickness and disease in the world?

A: “When you enter a place of desirability, you maintain a circumference of vulnerability. This vulnerability permits various physical organisms to penetrate your wall, because, through this penetration, will lessons stem. As a painful experience will psychically enhance your depth of perception, so will the challenge of physical displeasure.

“Your beings are never totally adaptable to environmental situations, you see. Therefore the changes that alter your personal preservation are usually seeded to purposely interrupt the flow of life. While your changes are being transmitted through these periods (of pain and illness), you will seemingly reflect upon yourselves. Actually, this is only a crevice of time from which you will seek other guidance.

“Pain has a will that is stronger than ours to release its facets through a channel of pulsations that will themselves to become noticed and observed by all who experience their vibrations. You are surely adept to pain as a stimuli but prefer to remain on a consciously aware level of pleasure.

“This proposes an inadequate way of formulating your psychic vibratory state, thus allowing a false moment of truthful existence to fade throughout unpleasant reasoning.

“Neither those that shall release their earthly tensions through the bowels of time, nor those who pleasure themselves in returning to this stance shall awaken to find a painful existence beyond their present one.”



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