Paranormal Communications: On Poverty

November 13, 2012

 The following channeled information came to me through my wife Barbara as recorded in our book we wrote a number of years ago titled, An Explosion of Being.

Q: Why is poverty seemingly a standard condition of much of mankind?

A: “Your adjustments to these facts are not always useful, nor easily imposed on your mind, but I will try to impress your pictorial section (of your mind) and completely surround your emotions with factual knowledge to comprehend this area of reluctance.

“Your poverty means nothing, as it reflects failure, which does not exist as an act of truth here. It only surfaces to compel those who flourish within their nature to fall before they climb. They are beyond a point of recognition with themselves, as their failures are enhanced through their repeated efforts to fail again.

“Their opposition to this problem existence will not suffice to enhance their position ultimately. However, their opposing position will be recognized as an act congruent with their reality.

“Beings who entertain this position of poverty are made aware that life’s only goal should not be wealth or materialism. Therefore, they maintain a certain level of understanding and peace. As they share hardships with one another, they advance through karmic outlets to be installed as a permanent endeavor through that time.

“To behold a poverty-stricken group is to know of wealth in a way unseen by others. Its aptitudes are not failing, but its self-afflicting opinions are temporarily destroying their purpose of objective fulfillment.

“As your souls (Doug and Barb) turned to this lifetime to choose a better financial position, so will those in poverty at a time convenient for enhancement of their own development I actually demanded of myself a place in a poverty-stricken circumstance on my own path. Many times was I stricken with grief as I sat before others whose nourishment was less than mine. I too, however, was placed as a servant to those who enjoyed watching poverty eat through the masses.

“Your conception (Doug and Barb) of being must be altered to a higher state of realization. This will become a critical find for your work and appeasement of others. Should your relationships grow with those who may not fear their financial loss, you will begin to thoroughly comprehend my meaning.

“Poverty is merely a state which is acquired through a multidimensional process of learning. Through this agonizing reality (physical), apart from others, people will cope throughout actual hardships and remain anonymous to souls of a higher mortality.

“These periods of seeming unfairness will be lessened throughout lifetimes of riches, thus bringing the circle to a close once again.

“Your masses will be met from all angles of poverty and wealth, thus adjusting to a finer definition of creativity and life. Your mortal sense will not be decreased throughout these changes. They (your senses) will help to eliminate fear and doubt while showing a constant growth pattern. I have allowed your knowledge of wealth to become apparent for you, as your own choices will be lingering in the depths of your minds.

“While retaining the compassion for those who want and want not because of a physical outcome from poverty, these people will change. As they challenge a newer, higher existence, their willingness to increase their bodies’ pleasures will also change. The likeliness of privacy for these individuals is shallow. Their existence is known and used seemingly against them. On the surface, this partition between rich and poor will display a negative reality.

“But, do not overlook the fact that this course has been proposed by a majority who see the challenge as a beautiful growth, thus ending all agony from its physical turmoil.”


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