The Bathroom Ghost??

November 14, 2012

Check out this paranormal possibility. Supernatural or not? You tell me.

This picture should have been a simple, unremarkable photo but somehow it turned into something else. The thing is though, the context within which I took it.

You see, a friend called and asked me to join him at his home last Sunday when visitors were to arrive. Turns out, those visitors where ghost hunters. My friend had invited them in to investigate some paranormal activity and he wanted me to participate.

I agreed and had a great time watching Greg Bush and his wife, Mary Jo Fister do an initial analysis of the situation. While they worked, sometimes in the dark, I took my own photos. That story is for another posting.

Unfortunately, all my pictures showed nothing unusual. What did show up in the batch of photos that I found of interest though, was the one you see above. This was part of a preliminary series of pictures I took in my bathroom just before going over to my friend’s house. Why the bathroom, you say?  Well, I’m very much an amateur photographer. Knowing I might have to try taking pictures that night in near darkness, I wanted to try doing so ahead of time.

When I took this photo, it was almost dark outside. Just a little light was coming through the window at the top of the picture. None of the other shots I took in the bathroom showed anything like the cloudy swath you see above. Thinking I might have gotten some reflection from the window or continuation of the light from outisde, I later took additional pictures  in that same spot but couldn’t reproduce the results you see here.

My son, Greg, a professional photographer, analyzed the photo from a lot of aspects and can’t figure it out. As in anything that “seems” paranormal, I definitely want to find any natural, physical causes but so far I’m stumped. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

The ghost hunt team I mentioned earlier is called, Offthetrails Paranormal Investigations. They have done some great work in many places, including my favorotite city of all time, St. Augustine, FL. Visit their website here.


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