A Message from a Paranormal Realm, Part 4

November 26, 2012

In our paranormal nonfiction book, An Explosion of Being, my wife Barbara and I decided to include a chapter channeled directly from another realm of reality. The title of that chapter was, “To the Reader from a Source with No Name”. Actually, we did have a name of sorts. We simply called it The Source.

The idea was to give readers a more personalized, direct link in the unknown. Now, after many years, I am extending that connection to readers of my blog in series of 11 bite-sized portions. Your inclusion into our private network of communications is offered openly, with hopes that you might feel just a touch of your own infinite connections.

If you would like to find the other 10 postings in this series, just look for them in the blog category titled, Paranormal Communications.

“While not bothering with others’ ideals, you will seem to flourish rapidly. Thus, your angles of thought shall remove any obstacles that had previously become deterrents to your adherence to this spiritual growth.

“Idolizing your counterparts (past and future lives) will not become a productive force for your beings. These counterparts are directly involved with their own beings. As their time periods eject themselves, they will want to become a more epitomized entity. However, as your own source will tell you, they will not change every angle of growth for you.

“As your re-birthing process occurs each lifetime, your periodic counterparts will remain intact. They are ahead in certain ways, yet your replacement of their negative growth periods are equally important for the total function of each soul’s existence. Nurturing all of these pasts will become a most acceptable way of working with your soul. Become familiar with this lesson.

“As due to you, your basic knowledge of this realm has intensified already, through an adjusting period of sleep. This information has been given more credence. Your own abilities to seek a higher spiritual level will come as quickly as you progress through any of the physically negative roadblocks. Actually, physically visualizing your growth may be different, however.

“These preliminary steps may be taken as a guide for further development:

1. Listen to your own inner chords of strength. They will be mostly directed in the pattern by which you maintain your development.

2. Be sure that your involvement with anything spiritual has no negative setbacks. If your areas of strength become so affected by any spiritual wisdom, then temporarily withdraw, as it will not benefit your present path.

3. As a lesson to this world, you will be a teacher also. Rejecting this point is not valid, so be willing to trade your thoughts through your counterparts. Each soul will give its own current direction, according to the absorption level.

4. Ask yourself to maintain a high need of understanding. Through a higher developing question system, you will seek to annoy your mind for internal answers. Be aware that these answers are within you and expect their wisdom to help your spiritual understanding of yourself.

“Through these steps, you will decipher the areas of importance for your maintenance. The avenues are open constantly for your own surfacing. At times, you will work through doubts of loneliness and wariness from others. Your abilities are each so profound that, without advancing physically, you are always advancing anyway, on a level that your development as a way of helping others, also. Then they will thrive through this connection with you.

“As your children become more windows of light for you, be a good listener. Be attentive, as their minds are attentive to you. The nurturing of family guidance is always a beautiful lesson for others to perceive. However, as this nurturing dwindles, your constancy in spiritual understanding has to encompass a working relationship with each side. If your understandings are free of negative insight, your trust levels within each member will be enhanced. With truth, these vibrations will be felt through each child, as you will feel theirs’ also.

“A connection device, here again, should be mentioned. Your internal ways of promoting unity are always unlimited. The physical lessons provide a withholding period in order to chance yourself upon various thresholds of negativity. These thresholds will act as retainers in some cases. The agonies that many people go through are again linked within this inner connection of thoughtful existence. Your indulgence of others within your realm is a critical acclaim for your soul’s habitation of that realm. lifetime incorporates many circumstances that will require such patience.

To find our book online, just click on the title, An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic.


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