A Message from a Paranormal Realm, Part 5

November 28, 2012

In our paranormal nonfiction book, An Explosion of Being, my wife Barbara and I decided to include a chapter channeled directly from another realm of reality. The title of that chapter was, “To the Reader from a Source with No Name”. Actually, we did have a name of sorts. We simply called it The Source.

The idea was to give readers a more personalized, direct link in the unknown. Now, after many years, I am extending that connection to readers of my blog in series of 11 bite-sized portions. Your inclusion into our private network of communications is offered openly, with hopes that you might feel just a touch of your own infinite connections.

If you would like to find the other 10 postings in this series, just look for them in the blog category titled, Paranormal Communications.

“Be patient with yourself, as this attribute is one which will require a long endurance record. Your patience is accelerated only through love, as love is the prime motivator for the entirety of all structure within all souls. Your patience is thus being linked to your love as a part of that entirety. In order for progression to occur, patience must play a part. Each lifetime incorporates many circumstances that will require such patience.

“The learning process, by which you are presently accustomed, has been crystallizing since your birth. At that time, your entity began swirling with a weakness of physical form, but at the same time, was overwhelming its spiritual parts of the actuality of another conception.

“Your inability to cohabit both planes is indeed an inaccurate perception. At birth, your spiritual body is a part of your physical one. However, you place the importance of this division does not matter, ultimately. Your entity begins at a level that has become self-adjusting. Your birth was akin to the variety of soul perceptions that may remain throughout its existence. Your present life will always have a sustaining effect on the soul, but will not drive its power continually. Therefore, be reluctant to advise yourself of the permanence of each flaw that develops within your present period.

“As you alternate the ego with the spirit; your remembrance of other times during physical life will come to pass. Other realities also will begin intermingling through your eyes of acceptance. If your rejection of this seems appropriate, that is all right, now. However, you will again anoint your own thinking, purposely replacing it with another pathway at a later time.

“You are not only a dual personality, but also actually many, many more. As you see, your abilities to find other placements in each realm have no ends, therefore, the connection of these abilities with each other. Your points of learning are at these connections. As your beginnings here have taken on a new meaning for you, be aware that this choice was yours, not ours, entirely.

Isolating yourself from these principles will only help to preserve another angle of yourself, which may unravel in a later course of time. After your physical death, you will begin to see a mirror of earthly images, recreating a particle of your entire being. Each of these images will teach you to be freer with your thoughts, thereby learning from each experience.

To find our book online, just click on the title, An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic.




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