“Might Scare the Bajibers Out of Ya.”

December 11, 2012

“We have a boy, Jeff, with a very special gift. That gift takes him on a 2 day journey with what started out as horrifying nightmares. He shares these nightmares with his neighbor, African American girl named Carla. She too has a special gift. Her other neighbour, Lobo, has helped her with her special gifts, so the two trot over to see Lobo only to find themselves on a terrifying yet accelerating adventure.

“I liked the fact that we see the Ghost, not as a devil or spiritual thing, but as a real human who happened to be caught in the afterlife. The Ghost seeks out Jeff to help him find rest and peace in the afterlife.

“I would definitely let my teens read this book. It is clean, has little swearing, yet has a few small graphic scenes that might scare the Bajibers out of ya :)

“Overall a great book…

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