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December 28, 2012

Sliding Beneath the Surface

The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book I

A review by Levina from California on Amazon and Goodreads

“Sliding Beneath the Surface is a blend of the historical fiction and YA paranormal genres.

“In present time, the male protagonist, Jeff Golden, is haunted by his ancestor, a U.S. army lieutenant killed by Native Americans during the Second Seminole War. His friend, Carla, introduces him to Lobo, a shaman who teaches him how to use his mental ability and balance his connection to the spiritual world as he struggles with these paranormal experiences.

“First off, I would like to congratulate the author, Dillon, on an admirable job writing about the Seminole Indians who ambushed the U.S. army. I found his descriptions to be historically believable and the battle experiences to be realistically traumatizing. I also commend him on counterbalancing the serious, ghost-related tension in the book with lighthearted moments in Jeff’s and Lobo’s as well as Jeff’s and Carla’s interactions.

“With Lobo’s no-nonsense attitude, Jeff grows as a character, from a temperamental teenager into a mature individual who learns to control his emotions.

“I found this novel an engaging and fast-paced read since the plot only takes place over two days (same amount of time it took me to finish the book). I really liked how the suspense slowly built throughout the story culminating in Jeff’s reliving the battle of his ancestor’s death and the touching conclusion.

“I would highly recommend this novel to YA and older readers who enjoy historical fiction and ghost stories. Since this is only Book 1 of a trilogy, I look forward to Jeff’s continued growth and discovery of his talents in manipulating and exploring the spiritual world.”

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