A Message from a Paranormal Realm, Part 8

December 30, 2012

In our paranormal nonfiction book, An Explosion of Being, my wife Barbara and I decided to include a chapter channeled directly from another realm of reality. The title of that chapter was, “To the Reader from a Source with No Name”. Actually, we did have a name of sorts. We simply called it The Source.

The idea was to give readers a more personalized, direct link in the unknown. Now, after many years, I am extending that connection to readers of my blog in series of 11 bite-sized portions. Your inclusion into our private network of communications is offered openly, with hopes that you might feel just a touch of your own infinite connections.

If you would like to find the other 10 postings in this series, just look for them in the blog category titled, Paranormal Communications.

“Formulate your own acceptability’s, but within these, also formulate the possibility of acceptance from another source than your own physical self. The sources of which I speak may be multiple for each of you. They are not in question. They are available only to you. Your own truest source is your self-guideline stemming throughout the various realities from your point of existence to another, weaving through layers upon layers of alternate existences. Becoming aware of this will shelter only yourself, but there is no need to ignore the position of others.

“Your advantages are many. Throughout the expansion of your own development, you will cease to concentrate upon negativity at points that, before, were dwelled upon. Your need to flounder within indecisive periods will also become lessened. The wisdom is pulled by grains that then collectively portray a newer path for physical acceptance. Your realm does not play its every moment as a specific purpose.

“As your physical enjoyments, pleasures and negativities perform an operation of thought, you will see that I am relating to your physical world in the nearness that parts of you relate to mine. Do not become ashamed of your physical self for any reason that is comprehensible. Your paths are alternated between positive and negative. Therefore, your many learning periods will be advanced.

“Belief in yourself has the ultimate importance that you will ever use during your lifetime. Here you will find the basis of all immediate needs met. Your avenues of belief will diversify from this base point, as you alter each others’ beliefs. Your will to delve into a higher realm of receptivity is due to the forming of your ultimate beliefs in the purpose of individualized existence.

“Finite ways are inevitable means to show your own purpose. They will screen out any formal uselessness that has been transmitted through previous existences on that planet. Each planet has its own source of resistance to outside influence. Yours, particularly, is sheltered through the mass needs for encompassment.

“The belief, again, that you see in others will, at times, dwindle, but the remaining strength of your ultimate conviction will never change. Areas of this belief which are divided will seed themselves into a portion of your being which has smartly played out the necessary plans for your guidance system. Being quick to act upon this actuality will help to preserve a later influence of self-denial.

“Factual curbing of any self-denials will form a leverage, thus permitting your entity to filter the idiocies of life, which then cause such denial. Love yourself, as each being has a total characteristic of love beyond that which romantically ties one another’s physicalness to each other’s needs. The importance of this particular message has a depth of meaning that I must again repeat. Belief in yourself is totally encompassing. It will permeate into other areas of your soul not now recognizable by you.”

To find our book online, just click on the title, An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic.

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