The Reality of ESP

January 21, 2013

The reality of esp


A review of  scientific evidence that verifies the paranormal.

The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities

Author: Russell Targ

  • Pioneer in the development of the laser
  • Two awards from NASA
  • Cofounder of the program to investigate psychic abilities at Stanford Research Institute
  • Made presentations to the USSR Academy of Sciences
  • Author/coauthor of seven books on the scientific investigation of psychic abilities

Publisher: Quest Books

# of pages: 306

I’ve seen lots of references to Russel Targ’s work over the years but just recently I read this, his latest work. I am so glad I did.

If you ever want to read some of the most important information about paranormal abilities ever written, this is the book for you. Here Targ details the rigidly controlled scientific experiments he has conducted over the years that prove the existence of psychic powers. In his book he describes in detail working with top notch psychics under laboratory conditions that resulted in astounding statistics, statisitics that should change the minds of event the most ardent skeptics.

Most of Targs work involves remote viewing, where psychically talented and even average people are able to describe locations and even events at great distances. This includes finding people in hiding, super secret government facilities, a down Russian bomber in Africa and even the almost invisible rings of Jupiter before they were officially discovered. No wonder the CIA got interested in his efforts. In the end it was Targ and his associates who actually trained government operatives and the U.S military in such techniques while the USSR was doing the same type of thing.

Today, Targ conducts remote viewing training for the public. Yes, that’s right. The man correctly believes we all have such latent abilities and he proves it time and again by training average people to do the extraordinary.

Definitely read the book and recommend it to others. You won’t be sorry.

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To go to Targ’s website, click here.


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