“This book was spectacular!”

January 22, 2013

Sliding Beneath the Surface

The St. Augustine Trilogy: Book I

Young adult, paranormal & historical

A review placed on her blog, Books, Brownies & Barkers, and Amazon, by Jennifer Martinez.

“I think I just learned something… I love when that happens!

“Sliding Beneath the Surface is the first part in the St. Augustine Trilogy by author Doug Dillon. Jeff Golden is suffering from horrible nightmares that have rocked him awake the last 3 nights in a row. His best friend Carla finally calls him out on it and he tells her about his nightmares. Carla and her grandmother have an idea of what may be causing these horrible dreams and know exactly who to talk to to figure out the real reason.

“Lobo, is a Native American who lives next door to Carla. He knows all about the spirit world and can see the darkness surrounding Jeff. When Lobo is finally able to get though to Jeff, he is thrust into 48 hours of intense learning about what makes him different from the rest of the world. Jeff has a connection with the “worlds within worlds within worlds” that Lobo talks about and someone long dead is trying to take advantage of Jeff’s new abilities.

“ With the number 28 reappearing everywhere it becomes evident that Jeff, Lobo and Carla do not have much time to find out who has attached themselves to Jeff and why. Will Jeff be able to put the past behind him and accept what Lobo has to offer him or will his stubbornness get in the way and cost him his life. Read Sliding Beneath the Surface, to find out.

“When I first started this book I didn’t know what to expect. The cover is quite catchy and I was instantly intrigued. As a Florida resident I love reading books set in the state. It is always fun to see where you live in someone else’s eyes and this was no exception. Doug did a fantastic job painting the city of St. Augustine into the beautiful rich city it is.

“St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in the state and has a very rich history. Doug did an amazing job tapping into the wealth of knowledge this city contains and creating a wonderful story with an amazing history lesson tied in. His story was so engrossing I didn’t realize the historical facts were true until the notes at the end.

“Jeff is a character that really blossoms throughout the book. You can tell he has a hard life and Lobo is finally able to provide the nudge… ok slap, Jeff needed to march in a better direction. Carla is your typical girl next door, she is thoughtful, kind, and beautiful with secrets all her own. She is able to ground Jeff’s rogue behavior and show him the possibilities that exist around him. Lobo, well Lobo is just amazing. You will have to read the book to find out more about this amazing man.

“All in all, this book was spectacular. It had just the right amount of paranormal, historical fact and action to keep you thoroughly engrossed start to finish. I would definitely suggest this book to all my friends especially those who want to learn more about Florida without having to read some stiff reference book .”

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