Reincarnation: Life Before Life

February 2, 2013

A review of

Life Before Life: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives

Written by

Dr. Jim B. Tucker, M.D., child psychiatrist, and Medical Director of the Child & Family Psychiatry Clinic at the University of Virginia

Published by St. Martin’s Griffin,  251 pages

If you are truly interested in reincarnation, rebirth and past lives, then this is the book for you.

A continuation of the work done by Dr. Ian Stevenson, also of the University of Virginia, this book offers clear evidence that at least some people do have previous lives. Culled from reports across the world, Life Before Life offers the reader case study after involving young children who claim to have lived before their current physical existences. At the time this book was written, 2,500 such instances had been scientifically investigated.

The reader may find the wording a little dry but what Dr. Tucker presents here are not just the stories these children tell but also the rigorous analysis he and his team use to assess the validity of such claims. It is through that very academic presentation, however, that the startling truth of what so many youngsters have said becomes quite evident.

Obviously, the majority of these cases arise in cultures where reincarnation or rebirth is part of a religious belief system such as Hinduism and Buddhism. The interesting thing that arises in Dr. Tucker’s studies is the discovery of numerous cases that come from places where such beliefs are not predominant such as the United States and Europe. Add that to the fact where one or both parents of such a child are religiously opposed to the idea of reincarnation and you have set the stage for an even higher degree of verification.

The stories told by these children are fascinating, and in my view, very instructive. Through these young voices I find infinite potential for all humankind just beneath the surface of our everyday reality.

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