A Message from a Paranormal Realm, Part 9

February 3, 2013

In our paranormal nonfiction book, An Explosion of Being, my wife Barbara and I decided to include a chapter channeled directly from another realm of reality. The title of that chapter was, “To the Reader from a Source with No Name”. Actually, we did have a name of sorts. We simply called it The Source.

The idea was to give readers a more personalized, direct link in the unknown. Now, after many years, I am extending that connection to readers of my blog in series of 11 bite-sized portions. Your inclusion into our private network of communications is offered openly, with hopes that you might feel just a touch of your own infinite connections.

If you would like to find the other 10 postings in this series, just look for them in the blog category titled, Paranormal Communications.

“Love is another area which you will sense from birth as an entity. Throughout your lifetimes, the needs of self-acquiring love will be met by others who sense the need of rekindling a private part of your existence before the present one. Your bonds of man and woman are eventually changed into a total conceptual agreement in this realm that denies physical, sexual differences.

“Your aims are now created to find one another’s satisfactions through physical attachments. You may show another a part of your soul, which otherwise stays protected. Love, therefore, becomes an expansion of your own awareness. Truly to yourself, it teaches one that he must reenter openness, unprotected by falsities, thereby exploring the depths of personal, spiritual and physical existence.

“Be calm and adjusting to your own love. Each entity’s respect from himself will grow and thus be fed by another who shares his needs, thus recreating the same procedure for that individual. Finalizing your self-beliefs on love and its ultimate impact will someday become clearer to your entities, because of due lack of consideration toward others in your realm. This love maintains itself, usually, at a temporary level.

“Your responsive qualities are pre-purposed to surface quickly. From childhood, you see the needs of love being met not only through yourselves, but also through others. Your children will stem from a unit of immeasurable love. This is not the physical conception of which I now speak. It belongs to the soul.

“Your development since birth has been partially a memory- linked connection through the aspect of soul love. “Forced love does not exist. It is fruitless. Physical agreements of sharing physical needs are not measured through love. They are again temporary. Your own needs that find beauty in a fulfillment will reach the depth of another individual. Perhaps your part will lessen, but the other has still gained much from the initial experience containing love.

“We are each a part of one another’s existences. This complexity forms a multitude of questions within your beings.  This is understandable. Your letters to those in religious positions many times question this partial concept I will try now to clarify your need of understanding these connections.

“As each entity forms its own existence, it completes a cycle which needs only lubrication. This lubrication shows itself as a way to remain intact within one’s self. The area of exposure is then sent outwardly to gain a connection with the next part of your encompassing soul. Your religion shows this as old testimonials from individuals who have sought to relive the aspiring memorabilia of soul integration.

“The light between each of you now remains as a constant flame. Your beliefs are founded upon a premise of pre-planned purpose for reconnection with others who have formed this ability. Be attainable as a source for other people to rely on, as their changes will be supported through yours.

To find our book online, just click on the title, An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic.




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