A Message from a Paranormal Realm, Part 10

February 7, 2013

In our paranormal nonfiction book, An Explosion of Being, my wife Barbara and I decided to include a chapter channeled directly from another realm of reality. The title of that chapter was, “To the Reader from a Source with No Name”. Actually, we did have a name of sorts. We simply called it The Source.

The idea was to give readers a more personalized, direct link in the unknown. Now, after many years, I am extending that connection to readers of my blog in series of 11 bite-sized portions. Your inclusion into our private network of communications is offered openly, with hopes that you might feel just a touch of your own infinite connections.

If you would like to find the other 10 postings in this series, just look for them in the blog category titled, Paranormal Communications.

“Your development is actually not as different as you may now perceive it to be. You are again intertwined with each reality. Therefore, your levels of current physical expectations are met beyond your present awareness, through areas unseen. Your development may become a primary source of interest for you, but as I see it, the majority of you will read to enhance your enlightenment only to a point of interaction of daily events, providing basic linkages.

This is already forming as you have read the material presented here. Showing yourself the mirror of timelessness will result in the outward challenge of facing the self within yourself.

“Your present belief that, only within a system of known realities are physical definitions provided, is seemingly incongruent to your ways here. You see, the areas of developmental patterns are infinite, thereby creating a life force within each spectrum that produces power for interchangeable sources. These sources then become a linkage to each part of mankind’s development as persons. Each of you is linked within your developmental pattern to another part of your soul; that, then, has many other various linkages.

“As you bind yourself to these thoughts, remember that, only through your own development power, will each of you discernibly grow. As your growth here permits an unmistaken identity, your growth there will also provide the same boundaries. Your willingness to be free from any physical boundaries is acceptable. However, your flow of concept must naturally be provided by you in a context of which you are now, or have been, preparing.

“Your permanent delivery within yourself will come partially from this resistance. So, as you turn your visual contact to a point within your spirit’s mind, be placed in an ultimate group of realities whose present source is now yours. You have then achieved a higher point of learning by which you will adapt more readily.

“You will develop quietly, as those who restrain their inner teachings become a quieter source of inner knowledge, simply because their strengths need not be exposed to others, entirely. As a result of this personal solitude, your image will be lessened as the ego shrinks. Becoming indulgent in this practice will help your inner senses grow also.

A stream of consciousness will provide the areas that are open to you at a rapid level. If you choose to further accept their presence as this takes place, your present physical surroundings may take on another look.

“Be interchangeable with yourself. By this, I mean that adaptation to your inner source is always needed as a prerequisite for higher learning. Your physical errors are a developmental stage in themselves. As each of you will find many floating through your life’s years, learn from them and accept them as a position of strength. Therefore, these will remain intact for further reference and usage, by and for, the soul.

“Once you have established a pattern of these errors, become adapt able again to the repetition of your ways. Each pattern has a purpose. Perhaps the ‘negative’ areas of life are seen to be arranged in an illogical way. Your newness of recognition of this may not be as those of others, you know. Accept things you do not know. While obtaining the personal data within yourself, your friends will be learning from you.

To find our book online, just click on the title, An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic.


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