The Seat of the Soul

February 18, 2013

A Book Review

Author – Gary Zukov

  • Author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters

Fireside Book, Simon & Schuster, 356 p.

Gary Zukov’s easy to understand book goes right to the essence of who we are under the surface of our exterior selves. In simple terms, he explores the nonphysical aspects of our beings and shows how we can perceive existence using more than just  our usual bodily sense mechanisms.

Our soul is there to be understood and explored, Zukov maintains. The more we recognize it and how it functions, he says, the better able we will be to make effective course corrections in our lives. The following quote from the book sums it up perfectly:

“Rather than a soul in a body, become a body in the soul. Reach for your soul.”

To help readers effectively align themselves with their souls, the author uses simplicity of expression to drive his point home. Even in  his chapter titles he use only one of two words such as “Reverence”, “Addiction”, and “Illusion”.

This book is highly useful for anyone wanting to explore themselves and their place in a multidimensional universe.

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