Awakening the Buddha Within: Tibetan Wisdom for the Western World

March 1, 2013

A Book Review

Author – Lama Surya Das

  • Creator of the Dzogchen Foundation
  • He leads Buddhist meditation retreats worldwide

Broadway Books, 414 p.

Written by an American who became a Tibetan Lama, this book gives readers a solid course in Buddhist concepts. Giving clear step-by-step explanations, the author uses an engaging and even humorous tone that makes him as much of a friend as he is an expert in this field. His stories are wonderful and very instructive.

The steps mentioned above are actually the Buddhist Eightfold Noble Path to enlightenment but greatly expanded upon. Lama Surya Das continues to enlarge his explanations with the following 3 important sections that are valuable “how to” guides:

  • Wisdom Training
  • Ethics Training
  • Meditation Training

These chapter titles are examples of how the author continually points out to the reader that they already have the knowledge he is telling them about: “Seeing Things as They Are”, “Plumbing Your Wise Buddha-Nature”, and “Keeping Your Eyes Open”. Surya Das is, he says, simply helping people to unveil the “Buddha within.”

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