Endless Universe: Beyond the Big Bang-Rewriting Cosmic History

March 4, 2013

A Book Review

Authors – Dr. Paul J. Steinhardt and Dr. Neil Turok

Paul Steinhardt

  • Steinhardt – Albert Einstein Professor in Science at Princeton, University

Neil Turok

  • Chair of Mathematical Physics in the Department of Applied Mathematics at Cambridge University

Broadway Books 284 p.

When the authors titled their book Endless Universe, they meant just that–ENDLESS. And in the subtitle, they reinforce their thesis by using the words, Beyond the Big Bang. What they are proposing that there are multiple, and even parallel universes to be exact, that collide periodically, thus creating “endless” numbers of Big Bangs and “endless” new universes out of all that destruction.

This really is a new theory about our cosmic origins based upon particle physics, superstrings and astronomy. But don’t worry, the authors not only explain all this in clear terms, they have also included a number of graphic examples that makes things less complicated. An excellent glossary is available as well as a solid list of books For Further Reading. A detailed index helps make finding things much easier.

Yes, this is an even stranger outlook than quantum physics itself but one that “strangely” seems to make sense.

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