Ghost Hunt – The Greenwood Cemetery

April 3, 2013

PGreenwood cem 1aranormal Orlando, Florida

A guest post by Mary Jo Fister and Greg Bush from Offthetrails Paranormal investigations.

Greenwood Cemetery is one of the oldest in Orlando, dating to 1880.

Many of the city’s most prominent citizens are buried here: Joseph Bumby, Mayor Mahlon Gore, Cassius Boone, Mayor Capt. James Parramore, Mayor Bob Carr, Mayor William Beardall, T. G. Lee, David Lockhart, Samuel Robinson, Mayor Braxton Beacham, Elijah Hand, Carey Hand, Joe Tinker are some you might find.

Greg Bush

Greg Bush

There is a Confederate area and a Union one. There is also a part just for infants.

The cemetery is about 100 acres, and had over 60,000 sites. It is a peaceful area of small, rolling knolls and countless old trees. It is also considered one of the most haunted places in Orlando.

In May, 2012, Off the Trails Paranormal Investigations, as guests of American Ghosts Adventurers, did investigate the cemetery.

We employed full spectrum video camera, still camera, EVP Recorders, K2 meters, MEL Meters, flashlights, and Ovilus. I saw someone walking along the crest of a hill after dark, but no one in the groups was there.

Whoever it was disappeared in the shadows. Angel, at about the same time, saw someone walking along and then disappear.

Walking through the military region, the Ovilus (A Ghost Box recorder) said the words “France, killed, stomach, and Rhonda”. Perhaps someone was trying to tell us something.

Greenwood- cem 2Often we heard the words “bury” and “Bible”.

We encountered some little children spirits who played with a flashlight. It was very sad to see so many babies’ final resting places. Some had only one date, meaning that the baby died the day he or she was born.

It was uplifting, however, to see the lights go on and off, and we could imagine the fun these little spirits were having!

Mary Jo Fister

Mary Jo Fister

Further on, we conversed with two Confederates (soldier spirits), via the flashlights. Often this method works extremely well for yes/no questions. For example, we ask if the answer to the question is yes, turn on the light. Or, when we come to the state you are from, turn on the light. We learned that one came from Georgia, and one from Tennessee. One had been in the infantry. Another was a lieutenant.

While we were talking to these soldiers, some in our group saw a few people walk by. However, no one else was in the cemetery! We confirmed that no one else was nearby!

Were the people walking by a column of Confederates? I asked the ones who we were talking with that question, and the answer was “yes.” It was a most interesting exploration!

While we would like to have stayed all night, we had to leave at midnight. Another time, perhaps! There is still much to learn from those at Greenwood.

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