Paranormal Coincidences: Florida Versions

May 11, 2013

This is a guest post on synchronicity by my friend Audrey Anderson.

When I was 18 I decided to leave N.Y. and go to Fl. to live with my brother and family.

BusI rode a Grey Hound Bus. Next to me was a young man that boarded somewhere along the line and we talked quite a bit on the trip. He told me all about his home and his life and I shared some of mine as well.

We were still awake at 4:30 a.m. when we crossed the Fl. boarder and I got it in my head that I wanted to see the Florida sunrise – but I was really having trouble keeping my eyes open and we were pretty talked out by that time. So, to help me stay awake I began to recite poems or nursery rhymes – don’t clearly remember which, but I was trying to keep myself awake and it worked.

I returned home a few months later (palmetto bugs – ugh!) also on a Grey Hound Bus. Again, a young man sat next to me and we began talking and he also told me about his hometown and friends, etc, etc.

As he talked it began to sound very familiar – especially the part about his best friend whom he had come to Fl. to visit. I asked him if his friend had a black lab dog and a few other details I remembered from the conversation I’d had on the way down.

Bingo! His eyes got wide and he asked me if I was the girl who was saying poetry to stay awake. What are the odds of that. I’ve had others, but this one stands out. Why they were brought into my life other than to help the time pass I couldn’t say. I’ve had lots of people that come and go and I can see a reason they were placed in my life at the time they were, but this seemed to have no purpose other than to make me aware of synchronicity.

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