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August 11, 2013

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The St. Augustine Trilogy:

Book I

Excerpts from a review placed on Amazon by Shelby Lee.

Jeff has just moved to town recently. With a absent mother and no real home life he has developed a strong bond with a girl, Carla, down the street. As things begin to happen to Jeff he can’t explain Carla takes him to meet her friend Lobo.

An older Indian gentleman who has a strange ability to know what you’re thinking and know things about you that he has no business knowing. Lobo explains to Jeff that after his bike accident he has abilities others don’t. He can see the worlds within worlds of the reality around us.

But Jeff has no control over those powers and finds himself in danger as an ancient spirit keeps trying to contact him. Jeff finds himself thrust into a world with rules he doesn’t understand trying to figure out what is happening around him and gain even a little control over his new “powers.”

He finds himself splitting away from his body and seeing double, as things trip him up and send his consciousness to another reality. As more details of the ancient spirit trying to get his attention become known Jeff and Carla find themselves delving into the details of one particular battle in the Seminole War. Only finding out everything they can will help them free the spirit trapped in it’s endless loop and let things return to normal.

Oh man I do love me some history! The way Mr. Dillon incorporated his history of the Seminole Wars into this novel was fantastic! I loved the links to the future descendants and the descriptions of the battle they were trapped in. He made that very real for me. The last third of this book was AWESOME!

I really liked the characters here as well. Carla had such great spunk, Lobo was interesting and just enough off kilter to be interesting without being overly creepy, and Jeff is the great everyman foil for a kid thrust into circumstances out of his control.

The mythology of the worlds within worlds bit was an interesting concept as well. I liked seeing how our perception of the world could be very narrow. There’s something very cool about how all knowing Lobo could be without really knowing exactly what was going to happen next.

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